Air Force Cadet Athletes' Alleged Roofie-Filled Party Documented in Damning New Report

Update below: As we've reported, the scandal at the Air Force Academy that followed in the wake of "The War Within," then-Westword staffer Julie Jargon's 2003 feature about female cadets victimized by sexual assault, led to changes at the institution intended to demonstrate that supervisors take the problem seriously. But these alterations haven't prevented such crimes from taking place.

A case in point was the 2012 conviction of Stephan Claxton on two separate incidents of sexual misconduct. And unfortunately, this incident wasn't isolated. A new report reveals that Claxton was among a slew of recruited athletes to allegedly break the Academy's honor code via use of roofies, spice and more -- and a full-scale investigation is expected to launch soon. Details, documents and photos below.

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