Reader: Hey, Amazon, We Don't Have the Infrastructure to Support You

Jonathan Weiss/
Though many questions remain, we know this: States have engaged in nothing short of an arms race to get the new Amazon headquarters, and Colorado is no exception. But our readers have mixed feelings about the behemoth online retailer possibly coming to Colorado (and Denver), especially after an study found that an Amazon headquarters could send rents skyrocketing. Says Steve: 
The quality of life we are accustomed to is no longer available in Colorado.... Why work so hard to afford the higher cost of living, when the quality of that life is degraded by the increased population? The return on the Colorado life investment has diminished to a point where the value is almost gone for those of us from here.
Responds Candice: 
Just look at Venice Beach in L.A. Snap Chat, Buzzfeed and Google all moved offices here and rents went skyrocketing. It was always going to be a pricier area because of the beach, but they added to it and made the rents go insane. Beach bungalows that are old and small cost a fortune. $5k rents are not uncommon.
Concludes  Arj: 

We do not have the infrastructure to support this. Yeah, Denver is awesome, but it is made awesome by the people who have finite resources (creators/builders/doers). C'est la vie.
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