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Reader: I Better Get Goddamn Packages Faster Than a Pizza If Amazon Comes

Should Amazon come to Denver?
Should Amazon come to Denver? Ken Wolter/
After the New York Times deemed Denver the perfect city for Amazon's new headquarters, we decided to publish a list of some other reasons why Amazon should come to Denver. While there are certainly perks to such a giant company coming to the Mile High, there are plenty of drawbacks and issues that exacerbate existing problems. Writes Lael:

As much as I love skyrocketing rents, terrible traffic, and the hordes of hipster transplants, I think Amazon would be better placed somewhere beside the Breaking Bad mobile meth lab outside Albuquerque. Though if they do come to Denver, I better get my goddamned packages faster then a Blackjack pizza.
Says Erin:

Really?! Let's halt this. Denver needs the proper infrastructure to support the influx of MORE people in addition to the 100k+ plus moving here annually. Can we sustain this pace?
Comments Amy:

Colorado is a bad choice. Heard Wyoming is better...
Not everyone thinks Amazon coming to Denver is a bad idea. Tarasa simply says:

Yay!!!! I hope this happens.
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