Another Craigslist Shooting — This Time Over a Ford

Update: The Lakewood Police Department has released additional details about the Craigslist-related shooting that took place last night.

The LPD maintains that two men were sitting in a vehicle near 26th Avenue and Pierce around 8:30 p.m. last night. "Further investigation suggests that the Craigslist ad and the encounter were very likely drug-related," a department release states.

At that point, a small white sedan occupied by a male and female pulled up behind the initial ride, the police maintain. The dude, described as a Hispanic male, is thought to have exited his vehicle and approached the other car — and after demanding that the two occupants get out, he shot one of them.

The shooting victim and his companion quickly abandoned their car, allowing the woman to hop inside and drive it away. The Hispanic man then left in his own vehicle.

As we noted below, one local TV station said the stolen car was a 1994 Ford Escort, while another identified it as a 2008 Ford Escape — but they were both wrong. The LPD calls it a 1998 Ford Escort. It's green with Colorado license plate QKL-268.

If you know more about this case, phone the LPD at 303-987-7111 or Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP. Continue for our previous coverage.

Original post: A little over a month after a shooting associated with a Craigslist ad, police are tying gun play in Lakewood to the online sales site.

One man was hospitalized as a result of the incident; at this writing, his condition is unknown, although his injuries are described as not life-threatening.

And the prize the alleged criminals took from the crime scene? A Ford — although reports differ about what kind.

As we've noted, millions upon millions of people have bought and sold items on Craigslist without a problem.

But that doesn't mean horror stories involving the service are unknown.

The most prominent example locally is Dynel Lane's attack on Michelle Wilkins. Last week, Lane was found guilty on all counts pressed against her after she cut the unborn child from the womb of Wilkins, who responded to an ad offering baby items for sale.

But in a March 2015 post headlined "Five Colorado Crimes With Ties to Craigslist," we documented another quintet, including Billy Joe Delacey's 2012 indictment for the murder of a male escort he met via a Craiglist ad.

Then, last month in unincorporated Jefferson County, two men, David Martinez and David Mascarenas, allegedly showed up at Anthony Mott's home on unincorporated Jefferson County's South Taft Court in response to a Craigslist ad.

But police believe their goal was robbery, not bargain hunting.

Mott was reportedly tied up by the two men, but he managed to free himself and grab a gun prior to a confrontation with the pair that turned even more violent.

Martinez was shot as he was trying to flee, crashing a vehicle into a nearby home.

He died of his injuries, but First Judicial District DA Pete Weir declined to press charges against Mott.

Mascarenas, meanwhile, was captured in the days after the incident.

Now, add another Craigslist crime to the roster — this one taking place on the 2500 block of Pierce Street. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

According to 9News, Lakewood police officers responded to the scene at about 8:31 p.m. last night — Monday, February 29.

There, they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound.

After further investigation, they determined that two suspects had met with the man, who'd advertised a car on Craigslist.

The latter was subsequently shot and the men drove away in the vehicle.

7News identifies the ride in question as a 1994 Ford Escort — a car that probably wouldn't have had a high sticker price.

We checked Denver Craigslist and found an advertisement for a different 1994 Ford Escort being peddled in Lakewood; 7News says the one stolen last night was green, while the one in the ad linked above is white.

Price tag on the latter? $350.

In contrast, 9News IDs the car as a green 2008 Ford Escape with a license plate number of QKL 268 — and it would have been more highly valued. A Denver Craigslist ad from Lakewood for a blue-green 2008 Ford Escape, which may or may not have been the item in question, asks for $14,500.

Neither car is worth the cost of a life, however. Not even close.

If you have any information about last night's shooting, you're encouraged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 303-987-7111.

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