Dynel Lane Guilty on All Counts in Michelle Wilkins Womb-Cutting Case

Update: Moments ago, Dynel Lane, accused of cutting the unborn child from the womb of Longmont's Michelle Wilkins last year, was found guilty of all six charges against her in Boulder District Court.

Judge Maria Berkenkotter read off the jury's findings. Criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder: guilty. Two counts of assault in the first degree: guilty. Two counts of assault in the second degree: guilty. Unlawful termination of a pregnancy in the first-degree: guilty.

After the jurors and alternates were dismissed with the judge's thanks, Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett asked that Lane be given a "thorough psychological evaluation" prior to sentencing. That point will be discussed during the next fourteen days, Judge Berkenkotter ordered.

Michelle Wilkins, who has displayed remarkable compassion throughout the process, was in the courtroom when the verdicts were read.

For more about the case, continue to read some of our earliest coverage of the tragic crime, which dates back to March 2015.

Update, 5:20 a.m. March 20, 2015: The developments in the case against Dynel Lane, who's accused of attacking a pregnant woman in Longmont and cutting the unborn child from her womb (see our previous coverage below) are emerging at a rapid pace.

The victim in the case has now been identified as Michelle Wilkins. At this writing, she's reportedly in critical but stable condition.

In the meantime, a police report and 911 audio in the case have been released; they're accessible below.

The document and audio file offer much more detail about a case that's among the most shocking in recent memory.

According to the report, a 911 call was made on Wednesday, March 18, from 1620 Green Place in Longmont from a woman who was seven-months pregnant and had been stabbed in the stomach.

"She cut me. ... I'm pregnant," Wilkins can be heard saying. "Help, help."

Here's the sound clip, originally obtained by the Boulder Daily Camera.

Upon their arrival at the home, the report continues, Longmont police officers walked into a basement area, where a large amount of blood was on the floor — and a blood trail led into through a bedroom into a utility room.

There, they found Wilkins lying on a bed and a small knife with a three-inch blade laying nearby.

Wilkins was barely conscious when officers arrived, but she managed to tell them that she only knew the woman who'd attacked her as "D."

Thanks to a bill left on a counter, investigators quickly surmised that "D" was Dynel Lane, who'd previously suffered the loss of a child. According to the Daily Camera, her nineteen-month-old son drowned in 2002 when she was living in Pueblo County under a previous name, Dynel Cruz. (Editor's note: After the publication of this item, a source told us her given name was Dynel Smith.)

Shortly thereafter, Lane's husband, David Ridley, arrived at the home. He said he and Lane live there with her two teenaged daughters.

Ridley told investigators he'd found Lane covered in blood. She told him she'd just miscarried and showed him a small baby lying in the bathtub. An excerpt from the report adds: "He rubbed the baby slightly, then rolled it over to hear and see it take a gasping breath."

By the way, the report says Lane had told the family she was pregnant, offering as evidence an ultrasound photo of a boy that she showed them in December.

At that point, Ridley wrapped the baby in a towel and drove Lane to the nearest hospital. Once they got to the facility, he escorted her into the emergency room carrying the baby.

Meanwhile, Wilkins was receiving care, and a surgeon who spoke to a detective assigned to the case described the incision as "well-performed." He believed "the person who did the incision would have to have researched the subject of Cesarean births in books or online to achieve the level of accuracy."

Wilkins's family released the following statement to the Longmont Times-Call:
We want to thank the Longmont Public Safety Department and Boulder County Sheriff's Office for their tireless work and efforts. They represent Colorado's finest and we sincerely appreciate everything they have done.

We are grateful for the physicians and staff at Longmont United Hospital and the compassionate care they are providing. In addition, we are thankful for the outpouring of love and support from the local community and others who have expressed their condolences. We know you are grieving too, and we truly appreciate the support. In addition, we wish to extend a thank you to the media for your support over the past 24-hours.

Michelle is in critical but stable condition and resting comfortably.

We ask in this time of unimaginable sorrow, that the media and the public respect our need to grieve, recover and heal.
Look below to read the complete police report, followed by a Daily Camera video in which Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett discusses the case. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Dynel Lane Arrest Report

Update, 10:09 a.m. March 19: The Boulder County Sheriff's Office has released the booking photo of Dynel Lane, who's been accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting out her unborn baby. 

The full-size mug shot is at the bottom of this post, following our previous coverage.

Update, 6:46 a.m.:
 The woman arrested in this startling case is now being identified as Dynel Lane. Continue for our previous coverage.

Original post, 5:34 a.m.: Longmont is typically a peaceful community.

But over the past few days, a pair of horrific crimes have taken place there.

First came a double-stabbing/suicide in which a 34-year-old man apparently killed his parents before taking his own life.

That was followed by an almost unimaginable act of violence.

A 26-year-old female has been arrested on suspicion that she attacked a woman who was seven months pregnant, cut the unborn child from her womb, then went to a local hospital claiming the baby was hers and she'd suffered a miscarriage.

According to the Longmont Times-Call, the incident took place on the 1600 block of Green Place, an area captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger MapOfficers from the Longmont Police Department reportedly arrived at the scene just shy of 2:45 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, in response to a call about a stabbing.

They soon found a woman who'd been stabbed in the abdominal area.

She told investigators that she didn't know her attacker. Indeed, she'd gone to the home in response to a Craigslist ad about baby clothes for sale

According to 9News, the victim was beaten before being stabbed and having her unborn child sliced from her body.

Despite this horrific injury, the woman, who was rushed to a local hospital, is expected to recover, 7News notes.

The story doesn't end there. The alleged attacker later arrived at a hospital with her husband and the body of the child, who did not survive. She allegedly claimed to have suffered a miscarriage.

7News suggests that the husband believed the miscarriage story and had no clue about the crime itself.

In conversation with the Times-Call, LPD psokesman Commander Jeff Satur floated the possibility that the arrestee, who has two children, is mentally ill.

Nonetheless, she was arrested around 7:45 p.m. on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly and recklessly resulting in death.

No charges are pending against her husband.

The alleged assaulter's name has not yet been released, and neither has the victim been identified.

Below, see a 7News report from last night, as well as a Times-Call video recorded earlier in the day.

Update: Here's the full-size booking photo of Dynel Lane.

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