Another sex dispute between a Colorado woman and an L.A. Laker

Maybe Los Angeles Lakers players should keep it zipped when they visit Denver. Earlier this decade, Kobe Bryant spent month after month in legal hell after a woman said he'd sexually assaulted her, precipitating a media free-for-all in Eagle County that only ended after his accuser stopped participating in the case against him (Bryant settled her civil suit against him in 2005). Now, ESPN is reporting that another Laker, Shannon Brown, "is being sued in civil court for an alleged sex-related incident with a woman in Denver." Brown was a member of the Charlotte Bobcats when his encounter with the woman took place, and his agent says that while a police report was filed, the Denver Police Department didn't pursue the matter. Nonetheless, Brown was served on Friday, when the Lakers bumped the Denver Nuggets from the NBA playoffs.

We're clearly not in for another Kobe-style circus. After all, Brown is primarily a bench sitter who's averaged less than six points per game during the postseason. Still, his experiences serve as a reminder to his fellow ballers, and to the women of Colorado, that sex can be a battlefield.

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