Falcon Heene heaving.
Falcon Heene heaving.

Balloon Boy, Heene family fly to Florida: Here's our favorite videos to remember them by

Balloon Boy alert!: Richard Heene, Falcon Heene and the whole Heene gang have reportedly moved from their home in Fort Collins to Bradenton, Florida, where paterfamilias Dick is said to be working in construction, not starring in the TV-reality show of his (deflated) dreams. But the family left plenty of great memories behind -- on video.

Here's a nostalgic collection of clips past. Look below (and page down) to check out the Heene boys music video, Falcon puking live on the Today show and more, more, more:

The Heene's pre-Ballon Boy appearance on the reality show Wife Swap:

The Heene boys' music video, recorded before Balloon Boy fame:

Falcon vomits on the Today show, October 16, 2009:

Balloon Boy skit courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel, who says Richard Heene once offered to put his name on a rocket for $25,000:

Richard Heene on the Today show, January 8, 2010:

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Richard Heene interviewed by Larry King; excerpt from interview aired on January 9, 2010:


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