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Reader: No Stall Doors? Thanks for Making Downtown Less Hospitable!

Chris Walker

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"Is Union Station, 'Denver's Living Room,' Really Open to All?"

Kenzie Bruce
"Security Guards Plead Guilty in Union Station Beating"

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Chris Walker
"RTD Removes Bathroom Stall Doors in Union Station Over Drug Concerns"

When Westword discovered the doors in the bathrooms at the bus concourse at Union Station were gone, we reached out to RTD, which oversees the complex. “RTD purposely took off the stall doors for security reasons,” said RTD spokeswoman Michelle Brier in an email. “It is due to the extreme use of drugs and concern for the persons overdosing or passing away in the stalls.”

RTD, which oversees public light rail and bus operations in metro Denver, has used door-less stalls in the men's restrooms at its Market Street and old Civic Center stations, also over concerns about drug use. When Civic Center reopened, it had half-doors, and that will be the solution at Union Station, too. “RTD is modifying the doors to make them more private, but still visible to security,” Brier adds. “They will be half doors... . RTD has ordered new doors and will modify them when they come in.”

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