Best of Denver

Best of Denver Winners From 1994

In 1994, Westword published its eleventh Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Italian Restaurant (the brand-new Carmine’s on Penn) to Best Makeover (the renovated Herb’s Hideout) to Best New Arts Venue (the Bug, on Navajo Street) to Best News for Blues (the reopened Bluebird Theater). But 1994 wasn’t all about things that had opened: By then, Denver International Airport had already missed one opening date, and it would also blow through our Best Guess When Denver International Airport Will Open. But one DIA feature was right on time, and right on target: Gary Sweeney’s “America, Why I Love Her,” the Best New Public Art.

DIA’s budget included $7.5 million for art, and although a few pieces flopped and one — Luis Jimenez’s horse — is now thirteen years late, Sweeney’s “America: Why I Love Her” is legendary. To create the large wooden map, Sweeney (a longtime fixture on the local art scene, and also a Continental baggage handler) traveled the country snapping pictures of odd tourist attractions. More than 200 of them — everything from Dan Blocker Memorial Head to the Steven Canyon statue in Idaho Springs — are featured on DIA’s most beloved feature. Sadly, when Continental pulled its planned hub from the finally open airport, Sweeney wound up relocating to San Antonio, where he continues to work for the airline — and continues to make art. But he left behind yet another reason to love Denver.

Here are the rest of the winners from 1994:



Best Guess for When Denver International Airport Will Open: November 23, 1994 Readers' Choice: Never

Best Use for DIA Until Then: Thrill rides on the baggage system Readers' Choice: Homeless shelter

Best Way to Pay for DIA: Project DEBTOR (Decisions Enabling Bond Termination or Retirement) Readers' Choice: Garnish Federico Pena's wages

Best Song About DIA: Pam Clifton

Best Hotel at DIA: N/A

Best Joke About DIA: Governor Roy Romer

Best Joke at DIA: Gary Sweeney

Best Airport: World Indoor Airport, Metropolitan State College

Best DIA Grounds Crew: Boyer vs. Boyer

Best Airport Kvetch: Gene Amole, Rocky Mountain News

Best Religious Experience: World Youth Day

Best World Youth Day Souvenir: The Pope Mug

Best World Youth Day Kvetch: Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan

Best Religious Transformation: Old BMH Synagogue Building

Best Good Deed by Firefighters: George Romero and Michael Kimsey, Denver Fire Department

Best Good Deed by a Cop: Officer Phil Newton, Denver Police Department

Best Good Deed by an Amateur: Loyal Burner

Best Volunteer: Shannon Castle

Best Brainiacs: Odyssey of the Mind Team, George Washington High School

Best New Undertaking: Calvin Natt

Best Philanthropy: Two Percent Club

Best Cutting-Edge Philanthropy: WhizBang!

Best Military Maneuver: Colorado Army National Guard

Best News for Fruits and Vegetables: House Bill 1290

Best Public Servants: Legislative Bill Room Clerks

Best Local Politician: Walter Cass, Moffat Tunnel Commission Readers' choice: Pat Schroeder

Best Imitation of a Local Politician: Loren Smith, Clive Cussler's Inca Gold

Best Hobby of a Local Politician's Aide: Chasing Butch Cassidy, Dan Buck, of Pat Schroeder's office

Best Political Prank: Henry Alford

Best Accidental Legislator: State Senator Mike Feeley

Best-Dressed Legislator: State Senator Paul Weissmann

Best City Council Contrarians: Mary DeGroot and Ted Hackworth

Best Sportsmanship: Denver Broncos

Best Tribute to a Good Sport: Billy Blues Barbecue Restaurant

Best Use of a Crack House: Family Star Child and Parent Education Center

Best Poetry Slam: Douglas Bruce

Best Poetry Flashback: Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales

Best Poetry About DIA: Lou Malandra

Best Radical Cheek: The Lesbian Avengers

Best Appearance by a Local Lesbian in Seventeen Magazine: Melanie Klomp

Best New Law: House Bill 1164

Best Proof That Getting Fired Can Help Your Career: Peter Boyles, KTLK-AM 760

Best Proof That Getting Fired At Can Help Your Career: Ken Hamblin, KNUS-AM 710

Best Proof That There's Life After Sitcoms: Claudia Lamb, KHOW-AM 630

Best Ten O'Clock News: KMGH-TV Channel 7 Readers' Choice: KCNC-TV Channel 4

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Male): Alan Gionet, KCNC-TV Channel 4 Readers' Choice: Ron Zappolo

Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Female): Anne Trujillo, KMGH-TV Channel 7 Readers' Choice: Aimee Sporer

Best Hair-Splitting of a TV Personality: Sherry Sellers, KUSA-TV Channel 9

Best Local TV News Anchor: Adele Arakawa, KUSA-TV Channel 9 Readers' Choice: (tie) Bill Stuart and Aimee Sporer

Best Local TV Weathercaster: Ron Allen, KMGH-TV Channel 7 Readers' Choice: (tie) Larry Green and Mike Nelson

Best Local TV Sportscaster: Les Shapiro, KCNC-TV Channel 4 Readers' Choice: Ron Zappolo

Best Local Radio Talk-Show Host: Scott Hastings, KTLK-AM 760 Readers' Choice: Ken Hamblin

Best Name for a Local Radio Talk-Show Host: Bob Heckler, KNUS-AM 710

Best Crackpot Radio Guest: Stewart Webb

Best Curbside Newspaper Vendor: Twyman Brown

Best Scoop: Air Jordan's retirement, Mike Monroe, Denver Post

Best Newspaper Feud: Woody "Fatboy" Paige vs. Norm "The Notes Clown" Clarke

Best Broadcast Feud: Bob Enyart vs. Mason Lewis

Best High-Brow Feud: Judith Albino vs. the Board of Regents

Best Monument to a Feud: Thatcher Fountain, City Park

Best Newly Dedicated Monument: The Dalton Trumbo Free Speech Fountain,University of Colorado-Boulder

Best Tabloid Trial: Crystal Cartier vs. Michael Jackson

Best Tabloid College Course: Journalism 4871-810: Topics/Issues in Gender Media, University of Colorado-Boulder

Best Tabloid News Flash From Colorado: Weekly World News

Best Colorado Connection to the Tonya-and-Nancy Story: Shawn Eckardt

Best Colorado Connection to the Heidi Fleiss Story: Samantha Renee Burdette

Best Appearance by a Coloradan in Playboy: Casey Gray

Best Appearance by a Coloradan in Playgirl: Greg Lane

Best Self-Proclaimed Former Part-Time Prostitute: Roseanne Arnold

Best Hooker History: Phil Goodstein

Best Flying Object in a Local TV Commercial (Human): Dealin' Doug

Best Flying Object in a Local TV Commercial (Nonhuman): Franklin D. Azar's car

Best Balloon Payments: Bongo, Pearl Street Mall, Boulder

Best Capitalist: John Malone

Best Capitalist Punishment: John Malone

Best Arms Export: Soldier of Fortune

Best Disarmament Campaign: Felix L. Sparks

Best Visiting Dignitary: William Webster

Best Funeral: Bagpiper Gordon Speirs, Garden of the Gods

Best Candidate for a Funeral: Rocky Flats

Best Move by a Dead Guy: Major William Cooke Daniels

Best Deathbed Confessions: Lenny Jaramillo, Out Front

Best Sacred Visit: The Ganden Jangtse Tibetan Monks

Best Speed Trap: Emerson Street Readers' Choice: Speer Boulevard (assorted locations)

Best Road Construction Project: Broadway Readers' Choice: Speer Boulevard/Sixth Avenue underpass

Best Construction Site: Coors Field

Best Comedown: 16th Street Viaduct

Best Missing Link: RTD's Light Rail

Best Place to Watch Trains: Julesburg

Best Place to Watch Trains From a Porta-Potty: Limbach Park, Monument

Best New Old Neighborhood: North Downtown

Best Save by the Rockies: Union Pacific Headhouse

Best Reprieve From the Wrecking Ball: Rocky Mountain Consistory

Best Neon Sign: Benjamin Moore Paints Readers' Choice: The Cat Hospital

Best Appearance on Letterman by a Colorado Human: Amanda Archuleta, Fort Lupton

Best Appearance on Letterman by a Colorado Dog: Racer, Colorado Springs

Best Appearance on Letterman's Property by a Colorado Human: Margaret Ray

Best Letterman Top 10 List Devoted to a Former Coloradan: "Ten Signs You're in Love With Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena"

Best Resurrection of an Historic Trail (Urban): Colfax Avenue

Best Resurrection of an Historic Trail (Rural): Old Spanish Trail

Best Colfax Avenue Memory: Eddie Bohn's Pig `N' Whistle


Best Rockie: Andres Galarraga Readers' Choice: Andres Galarraga

Best New Rockie: Ellis Burks

Best Future Rockie: Quinton McCracken, New Haven Ravens

Best Homeric Measure by a Local Ballclub: The Rockies' new rule on home runs

Best Place to Live and Breathe Baseball: Mile High Stadium

Best Major-League Tradition: The Rockpile at Mile High

Best Number: 4,485,350

Best Sporting Activity With a Score: Classical Music River Journey, Dvorak's Kayak & Rafting

Best Sports Color: "Rocky Mountain Evergreen"

Best Rockies Book: Colorado Rockies: The Inaugural Season

Best Front-Office Executive: Bob Gebhard, Rockies

Best Team Trainer: Dave Cilladi, Rockies

Best Local Sports Team: Denver Nuggets Readers' Choice: Denver Nuggets

Best Nugget: Dikembe Mutombo Readers' Choice: Dikembe Mutombo

Best New Nugget: Rodney Rogers

Best Local Sports Coach: Dan Issel, Nuggets Readers' Choice: Dan Issel

Best Coach Quote: George Karl, Seattle Supersonics

Best Local Sports Mascot: Rocky, Denver Nuggets Readers' Choice: Rocky, Denver Nuggets

Best Easter Parade: Crested Butte

Best Bronco: John Elway Readers' Choice: John Elway

Best New Bronco: Anthony Miller

Best Boxer: Jerome Hill, middleweight

Best Swordswoman: Elaine Cheris

Best Race Driver: Michael Pettiford

Best Private Golf Course: Castle Pines Golf Club, Castle Rock Readers' Choice: Hiwan Golf Club, Evergreen

Best Public Golf Course: Fox Hollow at Lakewood Readers' Choice: Wellshire Golf Course

Best Place to Hit a Bucket of Balls in the Middle of Nowhere: Adventure Mountain Driving Range

Best Golf Hole: No. 13, Arrowhead Golf Club

Best Golf Shot: Dave Holman, No. 11

Best Place to Meet an Eagle: Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Area Eagle Watch Access

Best Public Tennis Courts: Washington Park

Best Ski Run for Aging Knees: Heavenly Days, Steamboat Springs Readers' Choice: Cranmer, Winter Park

Best Shredder Run: Floral Park, Berthoud Pass Readers' Choice: East Wall, A-Basin

Best Bump Run: Outhouse, Winter Park Readers' Choice: Outhouse

Best Ski Runs for Beginners: Discovery Park, Winter Park

Best Ski Run--Extreme: Spellbound/Flash/Phoenix, Crested Butte

Best Dog Run: Eagle Open Area

Best Skiing Within an Hour of Denver: Loveland Basin

Best Late-Spring Ski Trip: Quandary Peak, West side of Hoosier Pass

Best Summer Snow: Mount Evans

Best Cross-Country Ski Trip to a Hot Springs: Conundrum Hot Springs

Best Hot Springs: Indian Springs Resort, Idaho Springs

Best Shvitz for Ladies: Lake Steam Bath

Best Ladies' Locker Room: Denver Athletic Club

Best Holistic Adventure for Women: Keystone Women's Mountain Tune-up Mini Spa

Best Birding in the Metro Area: Chatfield State Park

Best Urban Birding: Skyscrapers in downtown Denver

Best Play-by-Play Announcing: Charlie Jones and Dave Campbell, Rockies games

Best Ballpark Vendor at the Rockies Games: Johnsonville Bratwurst Readers' Choice: Coors

Best Lemonade Concession: Mile High Stadium

Best Preseason Baseball Ticket Deals: Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Best Uniforms: Colorado State University football

Best Place to See a Baseball Player With His Socks Showing: Vintage Baseball Association games, Four Mile Historic Park

Best Golden Buff (Woman): Shelley Sheetz, basketball

Best Golden Buff (Man): Chris Hudson, football

Best Player Quote: Kordell Stewart, CU quarterback

Best College Coach: Ceal Barry, CU basketball

Best DU Hockey Player: Angelo Ricci

Best Switch-Hitter: Geri Lisa Fritz

Best Place to Swim Bare: Mountain Air Ranch

Best Place to Swim (Bear): Aspen Ritz-Carlton

Best Indoor Pool for Adults: Westminster Swim & Fitness Center

Best Outdoor Pool: Congress Park Swimming Pool

Best Beach: Aurora Reservoir

Best Contest for Ugly Ducklings: Belly Flop Contest, Water World

Best Contest for Wannabe Olympians: Colorado State Games

Best Pickup Basketball Game: Glenarm Recreation Center Readers' Choice: Washington Park

Best Softball Field: Rude Recreation Center Readers' Choice: Garland Park

Best Trainer for the Exercise-Impaired: Sandra Smith

Best Place to Run in the Metro Area: High Line Canal between Hampden and Orchard avenues

Best Colorado Race in Cuba: Ernest Hemingway International 10K

Best City Run: Twilight Run, City Park

Best Foothills Run: Blood Cancer Run, Eldorado Springs

Best Place to Go the Distance: All-Comers Track Meets

Best Place to Conquer Acrophobia: Royal Gorge 10K Challenge

Best Also-Ran Run: Denver International Marathon

Best Bike Path: Boulder Creek Bike Path Readers' Choice: Cherry Creek

Best Way to Take Off at DIA: HeartRide

Best Bike Ride in the Middle of the Night: Moonlight Classic

Best Mountain Bike Trail: White Ranch Readers' Choice: Waterton Canyon

Best Way to Get Pumped Up: Bike to Work Day, Colorado Bike Week

Best Lowdown on Low riders: Royalty Car Club

Best Bargain Pool Game: Washington Park Grill

Best Place to Get Shot: Rampart Range Paintball Field

Best Place to Get a Fast Outdoors Fix: Lair o' the Bear Open Space Park

Best Mountain Park: Elk Meadow

Best Wildlife Course: Waterton Watershed Series, Front Range Natural Science School

Best City Park: Confluence Park

Best Sunday Drive: Bergen Park to Echo Lake to Idaho Springs

Best Place to See a Mountain Man in Action: Mountain Man Rendezvous, The Fort Restaurant

Best Outdoor Ice-Skating: Evergreen Lake

Best Indoor Climbing: Paradise Rock Gym

Best Virtual Reality Experience: Boardwalk USA

Best Indoor Amusement Center: Leaps and Bounds

Best Fast-Food Indoor Amusement Center: McDonald's

Best Place to Skateboard: Scott Carpenter Park Readers' Choice: DIA

Best Place for Illegal In-line Skating: Cherry Creek Shopping Center Readers' Choice: 16th Street Mall

Best Place for Legal In-line Skating: Tortilla Flat Restaurant

Best Place to Get Your Kicks: Colorado Foxes games, Mile High Stadium

Best Over-Thirty League Team: Boulder Red Sox

Best Over-Thirty League Player: J. Michael Russell

Best Prep Athlete: Jayson Peterson

Best Unknown Football Team: Colorado College Tigers

Best Thoroughbred: Madame Frank

Best Quarter Horse: Victory Coin

Best Jockey: Carl Kutz

Best Greyhound (Sprinter): Pat C Montecarlo

Best Greyhound (Distance): Princess Sally

Best Contest in a Bar: Hamster Races, Laddy's Restaurant and Bar

Best Bar Game: RollerBall, Sports World Bar & Grill Aurora; Barney's

Best Sports Bar: Wazoo's on Wazee

Best Traffic Thinner: Brooklyn's


Best Place to Watch The Simpsons: The Sink

Best Comedy Club: Comedy Works, Larimer Square

Best-Dressed Band: 16 Horsepower

Best Rock Club: Lion's Lair Readers' choice: Aqua Lounge

Best Rap Artists No One Knows Are From Denver: Tag Team

Best Heavy-Metal Club: Alibi's Readers' Choice: Bangles

Best Proof That Ownership Changes Need Not Be Fatal: Seven South

Best Candidate for Resurrection: Boulder Theater

Best New Old Venue: Ogden Theatre

Best Booking: Cricket on the Hill

Best Improvement in Booking Policy: Fox Theatre and Cafe

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Club: Club 156, University Memorial Center, CU-Boulder campus

Best Black Light Club: Modeans

Best Hip-Hop Club: Club AD

Best All-Ages Club: Ground Zero Readers' Choice: Saturdays at Rock Island

Best All-Ages Open Stage: Wednesdays at the Mercury Cafe

Best Open Stage: Sundays at Cricket on the Hill

Best Listening Room: Swallow Hill Music Association

Best C&W Club: The Grizzly Rose Readers' Choice: The Grizzly Rose

Best Blues Club: Ziggie's Saloon Readers' Choice: Ziggie's

Best Jazz Club: El Chapultepec Readers' Choice: El Chapultepec

Best News for Denver's Jazz and Blues Scene: Bluebird Theatre, Vartan Jazz Club

Best Meat Market: 1082 Broadway

Best Club DJ: Paul Italiano Readers' Choice: Emad at Klub Kaos

Best Radio DJ: Brett Saunders, KTCL-FM 93.3

Best Public Radio DJ: Chas Gale, KUVO-FM 89.3

Best Requests: Livin', Lovin' and Leavin' Songs, KYGO-FM 98.5

Best Reborn Music Series: KTCL's MusicLink, Mercury Cafe

Best Audio Babysitter: KKYD-AM 1340

Best Place to Be Young and Urban: Big Fridays at Rock Island

Best Place to Be Young, Urban and Gay: Club 69 at the Aqua Lounge

Best Neighborhood Gay Bar: The Compound

Best Gay Bar for Porn-Star Wannabes: Colorado Triangle Lounge

Best Drag Show: Lipstick at the Metro Express Club

Best Gay Bar for Beginning Drag Queens: The Outlet

Best Concert of the Year: George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars, December 11, 1993, Ogden Theatre Readers' Choice: Pink Floyd

Best New Year's Eve Show: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Ogden Theatre

Best Reason Not to Complain About the Moody Blues Coming Back to Town This Summer: Charitable Donations by Fey Concerts

Best Summer Concert Series: Chautauqua Auditorium

Best Jazz Series: Creative Music Works

Best Classical Music Festival: Colorado Music Festival, Chautauqua Auditorium

Best Music to Go: The Strolling Strings of Aurora high schools

Best Dancing in the Street: LoDo Music Festival

Best Summer Family Musical Outing That Costs: Denver Botanic Gardens Concert Series

Best Summer Family Musical Outing That's Free: Museum of Outdoor Arts' Lunch Beats Concert Series, Samson Park, Fiddler's Green Circle at Greenwood Plaza

Best Place to Play the Tuba: The Annual Christmas Tuba Concert

Best Place for a Tuba to Play: Denver Municipal Band Summer Concerts

Best Local Rock Band: Spell Readers' Choice: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Rock Recording: Mean Uncle Mike, A Mechanism for Crying

Best Local Band Video: "Joy," Tie Up Michelle

Best DJ From Hell: Boyd Rice

Best Arresting Performances: The Boys in Blue

Best Musical Reunion: Pete and Brian Nalty in the Jinns

Best Musical Union: The Christina Hollar Benefits

Best Rock-and-Roll Soap Opera: The Babihed Saga

Best Living Tribute to T.D. Lingo: Neil Slade & the Brain Revolutionaries

Best Gig Flyers: Foreskin 500

Best Local Record Label: The Caustic Fish Company

Best Commercial Breakthrough by a Local Band: Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Best Local Rap Group/Artist: Cool eMCees Readers' Choice: Lord of the Word and the Disciples of Bass

Best Rap Recording: Various Artists, An Inner Circle Soundtrack

Best Local Heavy-Metal Band: Wretched Refuse Readers' Choice: Chatterbox

Best Local Instrumental Rock Band: Fourth Estate

Best Local Dance Band: Lord of Word and the Disciples of Bass Readers' Choice: Monkey Siren

Best Local C&W Band/Artist: Celeste Krenz Readers' Choice: Timothy P. & Rural Route 3

Best Bluegrass Recording: Pete Wernick, On a Roll

Best Local Folkie: Willie Jaeger Readers' Choice: (tie) The Mother Folkers and Mary Flower

Best Folkloric Series: The Canciones del Pasado Project

Best Band Name: Dictator Tot

Best Irish Band: Colcannon

Best Blues Band/Musician: Stanley Milton's Mean Streak Readers' Choice: Underground Railroad

Best Local Blues Recording: Mary Flower, Blues Jubilee

Best Local Jazz Up-and-Comer: Rudy Royston

Best Local Jazz Band/Musician: Fred Hess Ensemble Readers' Choice: Dotsero

Best Local Jazz Recording: Fred Hess, Sweet Thunder

Best Orchestral Maneuvering: Perpetual Motion

Best Rehearsal Hall: McFarlane Foundry, Central City

Best Musical Minimalists: Arkestra Pirata

Best Unclassifiable Recording: Aubrey Carton, The Pleasure Dance

Best Van Cliburn Medalist From Colorado: Christopher Taylor, Boulder Bach Festival

Best Slummin' Cellist: Jonas Tauber

Best Addition to the Colorado Symphony Orchestra: Marin Alsop

Best Live Music Venue That's Really a Gallery: Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis

Best Commercial Gallery: Artyard

Best Noncommercial Gallery: Metropolitan State College Center for the Visual Arts

Best Cooperative Gallery: CORE New Art Space

Best Coffeehouse Art: Common Grounds

Best Local Art Gallery Exhibit: Louise Bourgeois, Ginny Williams Family Foundation Readers' Choice: Pirate Gallery

Best Local Museum: Museo de las Americas Readers' Choice: Denver Museum of Natural History

Best Local Museum Exhibit: "Colorado Sculpture: The Object" Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities Readers' Choice: Star Trek: Federation Science, at the Denver Museum of Natural History

Best New Arts Venue: The Bug

Best Factory Tour: Celestial Seasonings

Best Pop Art: Coca-Cola Museum, Heritage Square

Best Monument to Living History: Littleton Historical Museum and Living History Farm

Best Old Toys: Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys, Pierce-McAllister Cottage

Best New Public Art: Denver International Airport Readers' Choice: DIA

Best Art Walk: LoDo First Fridays

Best Outdoor Art Experience: Reflections in City Spaces, Blake's Small Car Salvage, Erie

Best Outdoor Mural: Denver Civic Theatre

Best Indoor Mural: Mexi-Dan's

Best Dog Art: Ralston Purina Dog Chow Logo, Eastbound I-70

Best Yard Art: Passionatta Inner City Garden Project

Best Grocery Store Art: John Higby, Capitol Hill Alfalfa's

Best Outdoor Arts Festival: Conifer Country Affair

Best Indoor Arts Festival: The Art Affairs, Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Best Arts Organization: The Alternative Arts Alliance

Best Fine Art Printmaking Facility: CSK Gallery/Open Press

Best Fine Art Education: Art Students League of Denver

Best Commercial Art Education: Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Best Budding Artist: Michelle Martinez, Denver School of the Arts

Best Art Romp for Kids: Saturdays for Families, Denver Art Museum

Best Driving Culture Tours: The Milagro Tours

Best Walking Culture Tours: Downtown Denver History Walks, Metropolitan State College

Best Real-Life Adventure for Grown-Ups: Inner Reality

Best Dance Showcase: Colorado Dance Festival

Best Inner City Dance Venue: Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre

Best Outer City Dance Venue: Space for Dance

Best Place to Do-si-do: Temple Events Center

Best Local Theater Production: Black Elk Speaks, Denver Center Theatre Company Readers' Choice: Black Elk Speaks

Best Production of a Bad Play: Baltimore Waltz, Victorian Theater

Best Performance by a Ghost: Pam Clifton, Rebecca, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities

Best Production of a Dysfunctional Family Drama: A Breeze From the Gulf, Theatre on Broadway

Best Theater Company Season: Industrial Arts

Best One-Man Show: Don Becker, Back on a Limb, Avenue Theatre

Best Old-Fashioned Fun in the Theater: Stage Door, Hunger Artists

Best Play That Got Rotten Reviews: Romeo and Juliet, Mirror Players

Best Actress: Debra Persoff

Best Supporting Actress: Cheryl McFarren

Best Actor: Christopher Selbie

Best Supporting Actor: Keithwayne Brock Johnson

Best Contrasting Roles by an Actor: Phil Luna

Best Impresario: John Ashton

Best Food Run: Nicholas Nickleby, Parts 1 & 2, Denver Civic Theatre and El Noa Noa

Best Acting Between the Lines: Asphalt Adventures, Chameleon Stage

Best Free Entertainment: International Buskerfest, 16th Street Mall Readers' Choice: 16th Street Mall

Best Parking Deal for Theatergoers: Al Fresco

Best Reason to Be Late to the Theater: DCTC Ten-Ten Tix

Best Movie Theater: The Mayan Readers' Choice: The Mayan

Best High-Tech Movie Theater: The Continental

Best First-Run Bargain Theater: Paradise Village Three

Best Drive-in Theater: Cinderella Twin

Best Movie Theater Snack Bar: Esquire, Mayan, Chez Artiste (tie) Readers' Choice: The Mayan

Best Popcorn: Mayan Theater

Best Pre- or Post-Movie Watering Hole: Chives, An American Bistro

Best Pre-Movie Dinner: Sfuzzi, Cherry Creek Mall

Best Revival: A Streetcar Named Desire, Mayan Theater

Best Film Series: Boulder Public Library

Best Showcase for Unknown Filmmakers: Eye for an I Cinema

Best Denver Film Festival Film: The Piano

Best Denver Film Festival Sleepers: Vacas and The Red Squirrel

Best Local Feature Film: Alferd Packer, The Musical

Best Local Short: Everything Has a Spirit

Best TV Series Set in Denver: Diagnosis: Murder

Best Future Shock: Star Trek: Federation Science, Denver Museum of Natural History

Best Place to Eyeball an Alligator: Tropical Discovery, Denver Zoo

Best Place to Track Down a Dinosaur: Dinosaur Ridge

Best Set for a Horror Movie: Forney Transportation Museum

Best Place to Go Trick-or-Treating: Trick-or-Treat Street, Children's Museum

Best Place to go Autograph Hunting: Tattered Cover Book Store

Best Literary Salons: Capitol Hill Books

Best Marathon Literary Event: Bloomsday Celebration and Reading, Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best PR for Poets: Denver Poets Audio Tape Series

Best Book Festival: Rocky Mountain Book Festival

Best Way to Get Lit for Free: Slack

Best Underground Music Publication: The Seed

Best Underground Music: Starkland Records


Best Star Trek Paraphernalia: Starland

Best Nuclear Fallout: Atomic Antiques

Best Funky Furniture: Anthony's Used Furniture

Best Upscale Boutique: Tapestry

Best Upscale Women's Clothing Buys: The Back Room at Loehmann's

Best Junket for Shopaholics: Nordstrom's Sky Trip

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Boutique: Come-Hither

Best Footwear: Garbarini, Larimer Square

Best Place to Indulge in an Imelda Marcos Fantasy: Fashionation

Best Incredibly Cool--and Incredibly Expensive--Cowboy Boots: Cherry Creek Shoe Biz

Best Gay Apparel: The Pink Planet

Best Place for Rich Relatives to Buy Clothes for Your Kids: Gap Kids, Cherry Creek Mall

Best Children's Clothing Consignment Store: Kids Again

Best Place to Buy Boxer Shorts: U-Trau

Best Upscale Eyewear: Europtics

Best Full-Figured Gal Consignment Shop: Christine's UpScale Plus

Best Art of Darkness Store: Benediction

Best Ankle Bracelets: BI Inc.

Best Rubber Room: Uzi

Best 16th Street Mall Vendor: Keys Deluxe Readers' choice: Christian's 50-cent hot dog stand

Best Lollapaloozers: Pandora Jewelry

Best Used Tuxedoes: American Aces

Best One-Stop Antiquing: The Antique Guild/Market

Best Antique Buys: West's Antiques

Best Place to Buy Old Baseball Cards: Bill's Sports Collectables

Best Used Sporting Goods Store: Play It Again Sports

Best Thrift Store: ARC Value Village Readers' Choice: ARC Value Village

Best Thrift Shopping Area: 88th Ave. and Washington St.

Best Flea Market: Mile High Flea Market

Best Place to Buy Mardi Gras Beads: Fat Tuesday

Best Slipcovers: I Do Slipcovers

Best Eclectica: Desert Heart Inc.

Best Erectica: Adult Book & Video

Best All-Around Vice Shop: Jerri's Tobacco Shop

Best Secondhand Smoke: Edward's Tobacco Inc.

Best Mall for Smokers: Northglenn Mall

Best Use of Rhodesian Railroad Ties: The Baobab Tree

Best Folk Art: Fish Head Soup

Best Place to Buy a Creche: Galeria Mexicana

Best Ticket-Stub Promotion: Manos

Best Southwestern Crafts: Casa de Santa Fe

Best Craft Gallery: Show of Hands

Best Wall Mart: Barry's Paint and Wallpaper

Best Art Supplies: H.R. Meininger Co.

Best Snap Judgments: Robert Waxman Camera and Video

Best Place to Buy Someone Else's Old Snapshots: The Gizmo Shop

Best Delivery of Oversize Packages: Bulk Male magazine

Best Delivery of Undersize Packages: Ken Whelpdale, Zoom Delivery of Denver

Best Used Bookstore: Books Books Books

Best Place to Find Out Whodunit: Murder by the Book

Best Community Bookstore: Park Hill Book Store

Best Christian Bookstore: The Ark Book Store

Best Books on Tape: Reel Books, Writer Square

Best African-American Bookstore: Hue-Man Experience

Best Hispanic Bookstore: Cultural Legacy Bookstore

Best Reviews You Can Use: Boulder Bookstore

Best Bookstore for Superheroes: Mile High Comics

Best Bookstore for Antiheroes: All in a Dream

Best Modern First Editions: Bella Luna Books

Best Midnight Copy Service: Kinko's

Best Time to Browse at the Tattered Cover: Monday nights

Best Downtown Newsstand: Johnny's Newsstand

Best Suburban Newsstand: Newsland of Aurora

Best Public Library: Park Hill Branch Library Readers' Choice: Denver Public Library, central branch

Best Language Instructor: Dawn Sprouse, Hamilton Community School

Best Mail Bonding: U.S. Post Office Merchant Station

Best Way to Tick Off Coloradans for Family Values: The Darwin Fish Bumper Plaque

Best Folksy Advice: The Denver Folklore Center

Best Free Advice: Denver Bar Association Legal Clinics

Best Free Advice for Tourists: Grand Junction Visitor and Convention Center

Best Low-Cost Therapy: Professional Psychology Center, University of Denver

Best Do-It-Yourself Gynecological Examination Kit: Personal Insights, Enterprising Women

Best Free Service: Birth Coach, Inc. Readers' Choice: 16th Street Mall shuttle

Best Free Service for Dogs: King Soopers meat department

Best High-Tech Animal Communication: Dog Net, BBS 830-1113

Best High-Touch Animal Communication: Janet Dreifus, The Thoughtful Alternative

Best 24-Hour Veterinarian: North Metro Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel

Best Horseshoe Sense: Doug Butler

Best Hog Heaven: Clemenswine Memorial Potbellied Pig Sanctuary

Best Cheap Pets: Denver Dumb Friends League

Best Cheep Pets: Contented Birds Domain

Best Place for a New-Age Cat: South Penn Cat Clinic

Best Cat House: The Cat Care Society

Best Cheap CDs: Best Buy

Best Album Selection: Wax Trax

Best Used Vinyl: Twist and Shout

Best Neighborhood Jazz Record Store: Twilight Jazz Discs & Tapes

Best Collection of Used Go-Go's Records: Black and Read

Best Place to Find Old Phonograph Needles: Bosley's TV and Radio

Best Video Rentals (Current Titles): Video City Readers' Choice: Blockbuster

Best Video Rentals (Classics): Videotique Readers' Choice: Blockbuster

Best Combination Romantic Weekend Getaway and Lamaze Class: Hyatt Regency Downtown

Best Way to Spend a Long Lunch Hour: Media Play

Best Used Computers: Discount Used Computer

Best Bulletin Board System: The Pinecliffe BBS

Best Free Public Access to the Internet: Nyx, the Spirit of the Night,Computer Science Department, University of Denver

Best Local Stop on the Information Superhighway: CARL Corp.

Best Alternative School: Colorado's Finest Alternative High School

Best Educational Alternative for Adults: Emily Griffith Opportunity School

Best Institution of Really Higher Learning in a Former Motel: Maharishi Vedic University

Best New-Age Mecca: Naropa Institute

Best Extra-Credit Project: Inferno Effects Corporation

Best Hair-Raising Invention: Alfred Natrasevschi, RoboCut

Best Shoe-Repair Shop: Veto's Shoe Shop

Best Nostalgic Dry Cleaners: Belaire Cleaners

Best Collection of Washing Machines: The Warehouse of Yesteryear

Best Old-Fashioned Dish Towels: Central Bag and Burlap

Best Place to Register for Wedding Gifts: The Artisan Center

Best Place to Buy Wedding Gifts: Tuesday Morning

Best Place to Hold a Wedding Reception: Parkside Suites

Best Outdoor Hitching Post: Panorama Point, Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Best Bed-and-Breakfast: Capitol Hill Mansion

Best Place to Swing From the Chandeliers: Livran's

Best Party Invitations: Bradford Publishing

Best Place to Get Out on the Dance Floor: The Academy of Creative Dance

Best Floor-Sanding Guys: Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment

Best Ski-Tuning Guys: Denver Sports

Best Short Hop: RTD's Rockies Ride, Market Street Station

Best Way to Get Folks on the Bus: Eco Pass

Best Airline: Morris Air Readers' Choice: United

Best Place to Ride Out of Town on a Railcar: RNTX Corporation

Best Valet Parking: Larimer Square Readers' Choice: Cherry Creek Mall

Best Place to Buy a Teddy Bear: Coppelia Classical Dolls, Bears and Cookie Jar

Best Alternative to Barbie: Jus' Like Me!

Best Toy for Grown-ups: Cross Conditioning Systems

Best Mobile Munchies: Tasty Taxi

Best Mobiles: Wimmer-Ferguson Child Products Inc.

Best Recovery Room: The Get Well Shop

Best Place to Buy Roses: Blue Moon Floral & Gifts

Best Nursery: Dardano's Flowerland Readers' Choice: (tie) Dardano's and Tagawa Garden Center & Florist

Best Place to Get Free Fertilizer: Echter's Greenhouse and Gardens

Best Free Seeds: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Seed and Plant Giveaway

Best Free Botanical Advice: Denver Botanic Gardens' Helen Fowler Library

Best Living Carpet: Applewood Seed Co.

Best Use of a Dead Tree: David Mitchell, The Enchanted Forest

Best Christmas Tree Lot: Rocky Mountain Fireworks Readers' Choice: Sears, Cherry Creek

Best Use for Christmas Trees When They're Dead: Treecycle Mulch Giveaway,City of Denver

Best Place to Buy Garden Hats: Hobby Lobby

Best Place to Buy a Cactus: City Floral Greenhouse

Best Place to Buy a Grotto: Ruins Etc.

Best Ruin Repair: Boltswagon Car Care

Best Place to Buy an Auto: H.M. Brown & Associates

Best Comeback: Ice cream trucks

Best Place to Study the Classics: Soneff's Master Garage Inc.

Best Place to Take an Indian: Harry's Motors

Best Place to Buy Wooden Indians: Pro Tint

Best Wood: Centennial Wood Inc.

Best Hardware Store: True Value General Hardware

Best Used Tools: Charlie's 2nd Hand Store, Inc.

Best Place to Buy Used Chrome: V&R Job Lot Co.

Best Cooking Instructor: Aurwan "Noy" Farrell

Best Cooking School: The Seasoned Chef

Best Kitchen Soul: Peppercorn Gourmet Goods, Peppercorn Collection

Best Boon for Brown-Baggers: HaSQA-WARE

Best Herbal Remedies: Green Earth Farm

Best Local Bottled Water: PeakRock Springwater

Best Place to Buy Wine and Beer (Selection): The Wine Company Readers' Choice: Applejack

Best Place to Buy Wine and Beer (Price): Argonaut Liquors Readers' Choice: Argonaut


Best Asian Deli: Mekong Market

Best Italian Deli: Deli Italia

Best Fresh Pasta: Pasta Pasta Pasta

Best Place to Cut the Cheese: The Cheese Company

Best Smelly Cheese: Old Fashioned Italian Deli

Best Stiff Upper Lip Service: House of Windsor

Best Jewish Deli: Zaidy's Deli

Best Bagels: Finster Brothers Bagels

Best Cinnamon Rolls: Paris Bakery

Best Muffins: The Muffin Company

Best Bakery: Baker's Street

Best Mexican Bakery: Rosales

Best Gourmet-to-Go: Mortensen's

Best Kosher Candy: East Side Kosher Deli

Best Place to Stop and Smell the Roses: Lydia's, Inc.

Best Snapping Turtle: Dale's Exotic Game Meats

Best Place to Still Buy Natural Foods: Wild Oats Market

Best Alfalfa's: 900 E. 11th Ave.

Best Healthy Milkshake: Gab's Sandwiches

Best Vegetable Milkshakes: Pho Pasteur

Best Milkshakes: Gunther Toody's

Best Drink: Mall Exchange

Best Ice Cream Flavor: Jack Daniels, Josh and John's

Best Fountain Cokes: Watson's

Best Place to Drink an "Orange Julie": The lunch counter at Union Station

Best Bar Makeover: Herb's Hideout

Best Bartender: Doc Green, Butterfield Eight

Best Guinness Draw: Sheabeen Irish Pub

Best Beer Selection: The Cherry Cricket

Best Microbrew: Tabernash Brewing Company Readers' Choice: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Best Place to Sample Colorado Beers: Broadway Brewing Company

Best Place to Sample Colorado Wines: Plum Creek Tasting Room

Best Wine List (Price): The Philadelphia Filly Readers' Choice: Cliff Young's

Best Wine List (Selection): Laudisio's Readers' Choice: Flagstaff House

Best Happy Hour for Free Food: Brendan's Market Street Pub Readers' Choice: Aqua Lounge

Best Hot Chocolate: Dietrich's Chocolate and Espresso

Best Iced Tea: Augusta, Westin Hotel Tabor Center

Best Iced Coffee: Colorado Espresso Company

Best Coffeehouse: Paris on the Platte Readers' Choice: St. Mark's

Best Cappuccino: Dario's Restaurant Readers' Choice: Starbucks

Best Espresso: Espresso Roma Readers' Choice: Starbucks

Best Espresso Cart: Eye Opener Espresso

Best Espresso Quickie: Xpresso

Best Espresso for Commuters With a Long Drive: Fly Thru Espresso,Colo.

Best Outdoor Shmoozing: The Market, Larimer Square

Best Place to Watch Teen Vampires: Muddy's Java Cafe

Best Place to Play Chess With Teenagers: Cafe Euphrates

Best Place to Watch Teen Runaways at 2 a.m.: Sun Cafe

Best Clearinghouse for Budding Artists: Dot's Diner

Best Performance: Art by Fast-Food Cooks, Wok to You Chinese Kitchen

Best Metaphysical Readings in a Pizza Place: Wazee Supper Club

Best Freebie From a Waitress: Gennaro's

Best Children's Menu: Paul's Place Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Place to Play With Your Food: Caldonia's Roadside BBQ

Best Place to Bone Up: Shorty's Pit Restaurant

Best Drive-in Atmosphere: J-B's Drive's

Best Drive-in Food: Crown Burger

Best Untouched Decor in a Restaurant: Colacci's

Best Place to Be Seen: Barolo Grill

Best Outdoor Deck: Cadillac Ranch, Larimer Square Readers' Choice: Jimmy's Grille

Best Place to Avoid Turkeys: The Vegetarian Thanksgiving Potluck

Best Free Breakfast (With Politics): The State Capitol

Best Free Dinner (With Religion): International Society for Krishna Consciousness

Best Breakfast Under $2: Louie's Cafeteria Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Buttermilk Biscuits: Nancy's Restaurant

Best Pancakes: Hot Cakes

Best Breakfast Burrito: Pete's Kitchen

Best a la Carte Brunch: Le Central

Best Place to Take Your Mom for Sunday Brunch: The Merritt House

Best Brunch Buffet: Marina Landing Readers' Choice: Fresh Fish Co.

Best Unknown Breakfast Buffet: The Burnsley Hotel

Best Southwestern Brunch: Silverheels Southwest Grill

Best Breakfast Caesar: Cherokee Bar and Grill

Best Caesar Salad: Philippe's Readers' Choice: Josephina's

Best Salad Bar: Healthy Habits

Best Salad Dressing: Cafe Paprika

Best Vegetarian Menu: Rudi's Readers' Choice: Greens

Best Business Lunch: Compari's, Sheraton Hotel, Denver Tech Center Readers' Choice: Zenith

Best Inexpensive Lunch That Feels Like a Splurge: Tango

Best Seafood Lunch: Cherry Crest Seafood Market and Restaurant

Best Dinner Under $5: Kokoro Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Late-Night Meal: City Spirit Cafe

Best Sure Bet in a Casino: Emily's Fine Dining Parlor, Harrah's Casino

Best Place to Eat Bull's Testicles and Listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd: Tommy's Corner Bar

Best Unexpected Hot Dog Stand: Ray's Boathouse Stand-Up Restaurant

Best Healthy Hot Dog: Alfalfa's

Best Hot Dog: Joseph Feleman's Stand Readers' Choice: Mustard's Last Stand

Best Brats: Benders' Brat Haus

Best Cheap Burgers: Nick's Cafe

Best Burger: The Cherry Cricket Readers' Choice: My Brother's Bar

Best Out-of-the-Way Burger: Buck Snort Saloon

Best Side Dish With a Burger: Annie's Cafe

Best French Fries: The Links at City Park Readers' Choice: McDonald's

Best Subs: Pasquini's Readers' Choice: Subway

Best Subs for Transplanted Easterners: Tommy's Terrific Subs

Best Chicken-Fried Steak: Bullwhackers

Best Rattlesnake: The Black Swan, Scanticon

Best Wings: Buffalo Bar and Restaurant Readers' Choice: Hooters

Best Funky Chicken Wings: Sadie's Caribbean Cafe

Best Fried Chicken: Duffy's Shamrock Readers' Choice: KFC

Best Fried Catfish: Pierre's Supper Club

Best Cornbread: Ethel's House of Soul

Best Meatless Ribs: Wolfe's Barbeque

Best Barbecue: The Links at City Park

Best Cheap Steak: Teddy T's Readers' Choice: Club 404

Best Cook-Your-Own Steaks: Minturn Country Club

Best Kabobs: House of Kabob

Best Hummus: La Casbah

Best Pita Stuffings: Gindi's Pita-ria

Best Surprise Black-Bean Soup: The Breakfast Inn

Best Black-Bean Soup: Cafe Brazil

Best Minestrone: Ristorante Catalano

Best Hot-and-Sour Soup: Blue Ocean

Best Pho: Viet Huong

Best Dim Sum: Empress Seafood

Best Egg Rolls: Champa Foods

Best Spring Rolls: Viet Nam Inn

Best Sesame Chicken: Red Dragon

Best Sushi: L'Auberge Zen

Best Soft-Shell Crab: New Orient

Best Crabcakes: 240 Union Restaurant

Best Pickled Octopus: Central 1 Restaurant

Best Jellyfish: Golden Plate

Best Fish Dish: Sushi Den

Best Ravioli: Cliff Young's

Best Breadsticks: Fratelli's

Best Thin Pizza: Papa's Pizza Readers' Choice: Pizza Hut

Best Thick Pizza: Pantaleone's Readers' Choice: Beau Jo's

Best Stuffed Pizza: Cappuccino's Readers' Choice: Old Chicago

Best Pizza That Tastes Like a Hot Dog: Bourbon Street Original Pizza Bar

Best Pizzelles: Gargaro's Italian Bakery

Best Canolis: Carmine's on Penn

Best Noodle Kugel: East Side Kosher Deli

Best Baklava: Cedars

Best Dessert Fondue: La Bonne Soupe, Writer Square

Best Chocolate Cake: Rocky Mountain Diner

Best Brownies: Racine's

Best Carrot Cake: Star Market Deli

Best Cheesecake: Romano's Cheesecake

Best Desserts: Pour La France! Readers' Choice: Strings

Best Dessert: Chocolate Truffle, Zenith American Grill

Best Chips and Salsa: Las Brisas

Best Red Chile: Curtis Park Creamery Readers' Choice: Benny's Cantina

Best Green Chile: Mexico City Lounge Readers' Choice: Chubby's

Best Gringo Green Chile: Mr. Steak's Firegrill

Best Sinus-Clearing Green Chile: La Cueva

Best Soft Chile Relleno: RosaLinda Mexican Cafe Readers' Choice: Juanita's

Best Crispy Chile Relleno: La Fiesta Supper Club Readers' Choice: Benny's Cantina

Best Gringo Chile Relleno: Campus Lounge

Best Soft Tacos: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Best Taco: Las Palmas Jr. Readers' Choice: Taco Bell

Best Burrito: El Taco de Mexico Readers' Choice: Chipotle

Best Margarita: Margarita Bay Club Readers' Choice: Las Brisas

Best Romantic Restaurant: Brittany Hill Readers' Choice: La Coupole

Best Seafood Restaurant: McCormick's Fish House and Bar Readers' Choice: Fresh Fish Co.

Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Jerusalem Restaurant Readers' Choice: Jerusalem

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: New Saigon Readers' Choice: New Saigon

Best Chinese Restaurant: Ming Garden Readers' Choice: Imperial

Best Japanese Restaurant: Mori Readers' Choice: Sushi Den

Best Thai Restaurant: Thai Orchid Readers' Choice: Tommy's Oriental

Best French Restaurant: The Normandy Readers' Choice: La Coupole

Best Italian Restaurant: Carmine's on Penn Readers' Choice: Baci

Best New Restaurant: Zolo Grill Readers' Choice: Cadillac Ranch

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