Bill Romanowski Talks Supplements in Get Smart

Get Smart, which opened on June 20, topped the box office during its first weekend in theaters, hauling in an estimated $39.2 million despite deservedly mixed reviews; the flick, starring Steve Carrell, starts off fairly strong but gets less funny (hmmmm) and more sincere (eeeesh) as it goes along. Fortunately, there's a bonus laugh for Denver Broncos fans. Onetime Broncs 'roid-rager Bill Romanowski (pictured) appears briefly in the film, hanging around just long enough to deliver a line about dietary supplements that strikes mighty close to home.

Romo's scene takes place in a plane that's transporting Carrell, playing Maxwell Smart, and co-star Anne Hathaway, portraying Agent 99, to their first assignment together. As the camera pans across their fellow passengers, Romanowski is visible but initially seems like nothing more than an extra -- a sad but predictable prospect for a guy whose acting aspirations will likely be crippled by his complete inability to, well, act. Moments later, however, Max's attempt to strike a match against the bottom of his shoe (don't ask) causes passengers to freak out -- and their reaction prompts Romanowski, who's revealed to be an air marshal, to tackle Carrell. Call it typecasting.

That's not it for Romo, though. Carrell, whose wrists have been bound with plastic strapping, says he needs to use the restroom, which has been rigged as a hatch from which he and Agent 99 are to drop to their intended destination. Inside, Carrell tries to snap the strapping using a Swiss Army Knife outfitted with a miniature harpoon. (Yes, he shoots himself with it. Several times.) Meanwhile, an oblivious Romanowski chats up a stewardess while leaning against the bathroom door. He compliments her on her fitness, asking if she works out, and then volunteers, "I'm into protein."

Protein? Maybe so. Although he probably mixed it with a heaping helping of human growth hormones. -- Michael Roberts

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.