Bob Schaffer's Facebook page -- way more boring than his son's

Bob Schaffer's Facebook photo. Has anyone ever smiled that big without nitrous oxide?

Like Democratic senatorial opponent Mark Udall, who's begun toying around with Twitter, Republican candidate Bob Schaffer is trying to use new-technology communication methods to get his message across. But in the case of his Facebook page, the attempt is notably halfhearted.

Of course, Schaffer has reason to be cautious when it comes to Facebook. His son Justin caused a stir a few months back when reports surfaced about his now-yanked Facebook entry, which included an icon reading "Slavery Gets Shit Done" and a separated-at-birth photo comparison of Barack Obama and Count Chocula. Of course, for a cold-cereal addict like me, this last slap qualifies as a positive reference -- but what do I know?

Nothing so noteworthy can be found on Schaffer's page, which neither he nor anyone else has bothered to update very often. There are only 51 items on his Facebook Wall, of which just three were supposedly posted by him. The first two cite positive poll numbers; the fact that the most recent of these dates to July implies (accurately) that the data hasn't been nearly so positive lately. As for the most recent missive, it's a pasted-in August pitch to become a Schaffer volunteer that cuts off in mid-sentence:

Key Qualifications: • A firm ideological belief in conservative policies • A desire to

Apparently, no one with "a desire to" maintain the page stepped up, because the last video to be added popped up five months ago and the newest photos went online in mid-August. Plus, Schaffer's got a mere 595 friends, as opposed to the 2,287 listed on Udall's Facebook entry. Moreover, a pro-Schaffer attempt to undermine Udall with the techie crowd via a different Facebook page -- one for "Boulder Liberal Mark Udall" -- hasn't gotten much traction. Just seven friends on that one, including a dog named Rory -- and its Wall section reads, "No one has said anything... yet."

That's a surprise. Wonder why Justin Schaffer hasn't weighed in... -- Michael Roberts

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