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Boulder Fourmile Canyon fire update: Burned acres double -- see videos, structure list here

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The fight against the Fourmile Canyon fire near Boulder is far from won. Since our last update on the blaze, says Boulder County public information officer Mike Banuelos, the size of the fire has more than doubled, and so have the manpower resources being deployed to battle it. Get an update on that, plus see a list of addresses where structures have burned and local videos below.

At this writing, Banuelos says, the acreage destroyed is estimated at 7,100 acres, from around 3,500 acres yesterday morning. Likewise, the number of firefighters working the conflagration, which Banuelos put at more than 100 as of mid-morning yesterday, "has grown to more than 200 firefighters as of 4:25 yesterday afternoon," he says. "That's from at least 35 local, regional and national agencies."

The size of that deployment speaks to what a high priority Fourmile has become.

In the meantime, the shelter for displaced residents, who number in the thousands, was changed yesterday from the Coors Events Center to the Boulder YMCA, 2850 Mapleton Avenue -- a decision likely made because only twelve people stayed at Coors on Monday night. But that number could grow, given that there's no time frame at this point for people to return to their homes and the fire is 0 percent contained at present.

In regard to the number of destroyed structures, latest reports put the total at 92, but specifics are lacking on almost half that number. As of this writing, the Boulder Office of Emergency Management list of impacted addresses stands at just over fifty. Ominously, the office notes that these structures are from "only 5-10% of the burned area."

Page down to see the OEM address list as of 7 a.m., plus more local videos of the Fourmile fire and the efforts to snuff it out.

Address list:

Street or Road Street #

Dixon 515

Dixon 698

Dixon 997

Dixon 1270

Emerson Gulch Rd. 560

Emerson Gulch Rd. 756

Emerson Gulch Rd. 1059

Emerson Gulch Rd. 100-B

Fourmile Canyon 6060

Fourmile Canyon 6130

Melvina Hill Rd. 450

Melvina Hill Rd. 589

Melvina Hill Rd. 611

Melvina Hill Rd. 805

Melvina Hill Rd. 849

Melvina Hill Rd. 1005

Melvina Hill Rd. 1081

Melvina Hill Rd. 1103

Melvina Hill Rd. 1112

Melvina Hill Rd. 1403

Melvina Hill Rd. 1446

Nancy Mine Rd. 280

Nancy Mine Rd. 833

Nancy Mine Rd. 959-B

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5387

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5546

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5595

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5657

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5695

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5779

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5810

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5841

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5847

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5860

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5879

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 5881

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6095

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6101

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6138

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6191

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6297

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6299

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6301

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6305

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6309

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6317

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6319

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6601

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6801

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6927

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 6927

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 7875

Sunshine Canyon Rd. 7878

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.