Boulder Naked Bike Ride is naughty-bits free

The Boulder Police Department's threat of potentially registering genital-displaying Naked Bike Ride peddlers as sex offenders seems to have done the trick. This weekend's Ride went off without a hitch, but with plenty of stitches over groins -- and pasties on male and female nipples alike, as can be seen in the Boulder Daily Camera video above. Shortly after the last chants of "Less gas! More ass!" died out, the BPD issued the following press release:

Naked Bike Ride participants cover up, no tickets issued

Boulder police officers issued no tickets at today's World Naked Bike Ride. About 35 riders participated in the event, but all of them heeded officers' requests to cover up in compliance with Colorado's indecent exposure laws. The group was very cooperative.

The communications center received no calls or complaints about the ride this year, and the department was able to monitor the event with existing resources. No overtime was necessary.

Of course, calling the results the Naked Bike Ride is a little dubious at this point. Maybe next year, the event will be sponsored by Fruit of the Loom.

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