Brian Trumble, music teacher, allegedly waited years before starting to molest student

If the folks at the Boulder County Sheriff's Office are correct, Brian Douglas Trumble was the most patient of child molesters.

According to the BCSO, Trumble, a private music teacher, had been working with a student for long period of time before crossing the line into criminal behavior.

Trumble had been giving music lessons to a fifteen-year-old girl for approximately six years when her parents went to authorities last week. The BCSO now believes the teacher began inappropriately touching the girl a year earlier.

If true, that means he held his illicit urges in abeyance for as long as five years before acting on them.

In addition to his private tutorials, the Boulder Daily Camera reports that Trumble, 51, also served as a substitute teacher for the Boulder Valley School District for just over a year, ending in October 2010. The district sent out an alert to parents about Trumble's arrest, and spokesman Briggs Gamblin says no reports of criminal behavior at schools have surfaced thus far.

In the meantime, Trumble has turned himself in to staffers at the Boulder County Jail in relation to an investigation of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, and has been released on a $20,000 bond.

But this particular tune is far from over. Look below to see a larger version of Trumble's mug shot.

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