Broncos 2016: Our Highlights From the Season Thus Far

In less than a month, the Broncos have managed to make this season interesting for reasons game-related and otherwise. From linebacker Brandon Marshall joining the knee-taking contingency of the NFL to crazy rookie haircuts and angry-tweet-inciting losses (not ours!), here are some highlights of the 2016 season so far. (Bonus: Though he's retired, we're including a Peyton Manning-related list in this roundup because we miss him and love him and the heart wants what the heart wants, dammit.)

1. Did Police Actions Reported by Broncos' Brandon Marshall Actually Happen?
Marshall says Miami police detained him during an incident on July 4, pointed a taser gun at his chest, and later released him, asking him to essentially not discuss the incident. Marshall told the Denver Post the brush with Miami PD inspired him to take a knee during the national anthem. Miami PD tells a different story.

2. Ten Things on the Broncos' 2016 To-Do List
Ten things we suggest the Broncos take to heart if they want a chance at repeating Super Bowl glory

3. Top 20 Tweets From Colts Fans Whose Hearts Were Torn Out by Loss to Broncos
Someone call the waaambulance!

4. Top 20 Tweets by Panthers Fans Incredibly Pissed at How Their Team Lost to Broncos
Oh, you thought we were going to leave the Panthers off this list?

5. Top 25 Craziest Broncos Rookie Haircuts
"Among the greatest traditions of your Denver Broncos is the rookie haircut, in which veterans wreak shear havoc on the scalps of first-year players."

6. Troy Renck on Why So Many Broncos Writers Have Left the Denver Post
First Woody Paige, now this.

7. Top 20 Tweets About New Broncos Starting Quarterback...Trevor Siemian?
It seems like ages ago that Twitter Nation was grappling with how to pronounce the young QB's name.

8. Breckenridge/Budweiser Ties Help Create New Broncos Beer, United in Orange
Because Broncos and beer go together like Peyton Manning and a delicious chicken parmesan sandwich. 

9. Eight Products We Wish Peyton Manning Would Endorse
Mutual of Omaha, Ragu, robes and condoms. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.