Broncos Fans' Tim Tebow Tweets After Latest Loss to Chiefs

Should it really be Tebow time again?
Should it really be Tebow time again?
If the National Football League counted moral victories, your Denver Broncos would be looking good right now. But in real life, the Broncos' 30-23 defeat by the far superior Kansas City Chiefs on October 28 was the squad's fifth loss column entry in eight attempts, and fans on Twitter have grown so desperate that many are looking back fondly on the Tim Tebow era.

It's easy to understand why. The free-agent signing of Case Keenum during the off-season was supposed to cure the Broncos' quarterback ills. But instead of building on his impressive campaign with the Minnesota Vikings last year, Keenum has proven to be ordinary, at best — except when it comes to throwing interceptions, at which he's definitely excelling, as evidenced by KC's Kendall Fuller nabbing of a misbegotten flea-flicker during yesterday's contest. And that's not to mention the Dee Ford strip sack that led to another turnover.

Yes, Keenum led Denver to a 7-0 first-quarter lead in part because of a long rainbow to Emmanuel Sanders. But the team quickly gave up the advantage, which has become a habit lately, and while Keenum showed scattered moments of competence thereafter, the brilliance of Chiefs hurler Patrick Mahomes made it clear just how low Case's ceiling actually is.

Hence the Tebow references on Twitter. Some of the messages merely use Timmy as a point of comparison to highlight Keenum's mediocrity. But others seem to sincerely call for the return of the former Heisman Trophy winner, who was jettisoned by the Broncos way back in 2012, two Super Bowl appearances and one Peyton Manning ago, and has since moved on from his NFL pursuits to take a similarly misbegotten shot at becoming a Major League Baseball player.

Then again, a certain amount of Tebow nostalgia in Denver makes sense. When the current team doesn't have a prayer, why not call on the Chosen One?

Count down our picks for the most memorable Tebow-related game tweets below.
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