Can Mike May shock and awe his way into the governor's office?

Among Governor Bill Ritter's latest politically dubious moves was his decision to create a new chief operating officer gig, with a salary of $146,000, to oversee federal stimulus money. That's red meat for the GOP, and House leader Mike May chomped into it like a starving Rottweiler, declaring in a statement that "the job description for this new position is the job description for the governor of the state of Colorado. To hire someone and pay them to do your job and take the responsibility if something goes wrong is just incredible to me.... If he doesn't want the job, or can't do the job, he should let someone else step forward."

Someone like... Mike May? There's already a Mike May for Colorado Governor 2010 Facebook page. Moreover, the snippiness of Ritter spokesman Evan Dreyer's dismissal of May's gripes -- he called him "Colorado's own little shock-and-awe show" -- suggests that the governor's office doesn't want to treat May like a viable rival by taking him seriously. Problem is, May is apt to find plenty of support for his position about the COO matter, particularly in this economy. That's hardly shocking -- except maybe to the ever-shrinking number of Ritter faithful.

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