Chairman Seku: Why You Should Elect Me Mayor of Denver

Stephan Evans, also known as Chairman Seku, speaking at the State Capitol last year.
Stephan Evans, also known as Chairman Seku, speaking at the State Capitol last year.
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Stephan Evans, also known as Chairman Seku, is among the six candidates still in the running to serve the next term as Denver's mayor. As you'll see, he has strong views about what the Mile High City needs and has no problem with making his own rules.

Prior to the March 13 deadline to submit a verified petition comprising at least 300 signatures from registered voters to qualify for the ballot, we reached out to the ten people who filed paperwork with the Denver Elections Division to run for mayor: Lisa Calderón, Marcus Giavanni, Jamie Giellis, current mayor Michael Hancock, Kalyn Heffernan, Danny Lopez, Leatha Scott, Ken Simpson, Penfield Tate and Chairman Seku. We asked all of them to share their take on important matters facing Denver. The questions were the same for every candidate, and we set no word limit on answers.

Prior to the 13th, we heard back from seven of the hopefuls. Calderón, Giellis, Hancock, Heffernan, Simpson and Tate participated in the Q&A, while Giavanni declined to do so by way of an ultra-memorable rejection. But we didn't receive responses from Scott, Lopez or Chairman Seku, to whom we sent invitations on three separate occasions via either email or Facebook Messenger: February 13, February 19 and February 26.

Cut to earlier this week, when Chairman Seku, who qualified for the ballot along with Calderón, Giellis, Hancock, Heffernan and Tate, contacted us via the same email address we'd been using to say he hadn't received any of our communiqués. We immediately re-sent the Q&A, and on April 4, the Chairman's reply arrived, rendered with the eccentric capitalization that's become his personal trademark. But Chairman Seku didn't directly answer any of our questions. Instead, he presented a personal statement reproduced below.

Election day is Tuesday, May 7, and if one candidate earns a majority of the vote, the race is over. If not, the two top finishers will compete in a runoff slated for Tuesday, June 4. Continue to see Chairman Seku's pitch for your vote.

ReVoLuTioNarY GreeTings:

My name is ChaiRmaN SeKu (aka Stephan "SeKu" Evans).... For 48 years I have engaged in BeinG a Social Change AgenT to advance the Global Transformation of HueMan Civilization.... I seek to be a TrusTed anD HumbLe SerVanT of tHe MaSSes of tHe PeoPLe...PeRioD.

Fifteen years ago, I made a conscious decision to be more active in CiTy politics by learning the why anD how DenVer City Council and the MaYoR's office conducts the affairs of the CiTy of DenVer. I have attended conservatively over 800 Mayor/CounciL, General legislative and Sub-committee meetings. After addressing a wide range of challenges, topics and issues faced by a diverse citizenry, it became crysTaL clear that I could anD had the socio-political responsibility to make a significant contribution to the vibrancy and spiritual wellness/mental health and preservation that will enhance the mountain peak-ranged beauty of the CiTy of my BirThPlace in the Five Points Neighborhood...PeRioD.

The three primary categories of choices, challenges and images of the CiTy oF DenVeR are rooTed in wHo controls and sustain its:

• Land
• PoWer and
• Organization...PeRioD.

The answer to our problems is simple: We shall be governed by the SeLf-will anD interest of a few folks or the Masses of tHe PeoPLe.... Our Code-of-Conduct shaLL be determined by "how weLL we shall work and play with each other in places and things that make Us HeaLthy, Wealthy and Wise"...PeRioD.

I ReMaiN a TrusTed anD HumbLe SerVanT of tHe MaSSes of tHe PeoPLe!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.