Cherry Creek North's 41st Annual Sidewalk Sale brings out holiday shoppers

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Normally the term "Christmas in July" seems to coincide with large TV sales and wholesale electronics. When it comes to the Sidewalk Sale in Cherry Creek North, it applies to anything and everything.

"I had one woman already spend $200 this morning and it was all $1 and $2 items," said Julie Hayward, manager of the Artisan Center, located at 2757 E. 3rd Ave. "She said she got all of her Christmas shopping done. On the first day people just come down for sale, sale, sale. They know the earlier they come in the weekend, the more there will be to choose from."

The first day of the Sidewalk Sale in Cherry Creek North, can be pretty crazy. Anyone who goes down for it is generally on a mission to find the best deals possible and they have gone to the right place. With some high end stores boasting 70% or more off on items, you are bound to find something that you want. This is where you find $125 designer jeans for $20. However, some aren't looking for designer jeans, they are looking to help Santa.

"I come here every year and get stuff for Christmas," said shopper and mom Nikki Dawson while perusing the toys at Kazoo and Co., located at 2930 E. 2nd Ave. "They have the best deals here."

Cherry Creek North seems alive and boisterous with each sale marked with a bunch of red balloons. With choices from toys to clothing and art to costumes, there is something for everyone. Some business aren't exactly selling items but are sure to stay in the Sidewalk Sale loop. Avanti & Skin Care Center uses simple signage to get customers in for "four days only 50% off." With the exception of a Groupon, you aren't going to find deals like that anywhere else. Every year is a success and no one is expecting that to change any time soon.

"On the first day of the sidewalk sale, we tend to double what we normally do in a day," said Hayward. "It's so exciting and a party atmosphere. People are lined up waiting for us to open and are just ready to shop!"

While past vendors expect the same if not better when projecting sales for the busy weekend, newcomers simply go off of what they have heard. "This is my first year here but I have pretty high expectations," said Linda Campbell, owner of So Perfect Eats, located at 278 Fillmore St. "My shop is also a cafe and bakery and we are kind of tucked back from the street, so this is a great way for people to find me. Everyone who has purchased something today is a new client so it seems to be going well!" From what other people are saying, Campbell should not be disappointed. Some stores offer a little more than what is offered out on the street. "It's a great four days of business," said Peace Dog owner Beth Wright. "In addition to our sidewalk sale we put everything in the store on sale at least 10% off."

Saturday is adding a new twist to the annual sale by allowing kids to set up lemonade stands throughout the shopping district. The youth-operated stands will be open from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. This gives young entrepreneurs the chance at their own business amidst other successful business owners. There are a limited amount of spaces for the kids so be sure to have yours get their applications in soon!

The sidewalk sale will be running today through Sunday July 24th. Hours of operation for Thursday through Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm. Sunday: 10 am-2 pm.  For more information and applications for lemonade stands go to Cherry Creek North.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.