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"Colorado Bitchslap" and Other Bizarre Colorado Terms on Urban Dictionary

A couple of years back, we posted about the ten weirdest "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary.

But it turns out there are a lot more where those came from.

A recent visit to the site made it clear that we'd barely scratched the surface when it came to bizarre phrases featuring the word "Colorado." New entries include "Colorado Motherfucker," "Colorado Head Butt," "Colorado Straight Edge" and "Colorado Bitchslap."

We're pretty sure you won't be able to guess their actual definitions — maybe because you'll be too busy laughing at them.

Count down our photo-illustrated ten favorites below, featuring descriptions and examples of usage in italics.

Number 10: "Colorado Motherfucker"

A cocktail consisting of:

1 oz white tequila
1 oz coffee liqueur
1 splash Coca-Cola
4 oz milk

Nobody can explain where the "Colorado" part came from, but it might have something to do with the color of the drink.

I think I had a Colorado Motherfucker last night in Denver, but somehow I woke up in Nevada.

Number 9: "Colorado Creeper"

Not the greatest weed, but it creeps and gets the fucking job done.

We hit that Colorado Creeper. Wasn't bad at first...but when I started driving it hit me hard 30 minutes later!!!! FUCK ME!

Number 8: "Colorado Crotch Rocket"

The act of masturbating on the peak of a 14,000 ft mountain.

Dude, I climbed Pikes Peak and gave myself a Colorado Crotch Rocket!

Number 7: "Coloradoing"

The art of climbing a pine tree until the top breaks off. You hold onto the broken limb and fall with it into deep snow.

Yo man, after we down these beers, you wanna go Coloradoing?

Number 6: "Colorado Lane Change"

An extremely rapid lane change without looking, usually on a cell phone. This can be achieved in both city and highway traffic at any speed other than the posted speed limit.

While driving home from work, a truck Colorado lane changed and came two inches from my passenger door almost running me off the road. (This shit happens on a daily basis. And no its not the damn Californians.)

Continue to keep counting down the most bizarre "Colorado" terms on Urban Dictionary.

Number 5: "Colorado Casual"

Colorado Casual (also known as John Denver Formal) usually includes a long sleeve button up shirt (stripes are a plus) tucked into Wrangler jeans (or any Wrangleresque brand), accompanied by a brown belt. Shoes can range anywhere from Nike trainers to cowboy boot, so express yourself.

1. My neighbor dresses in a Colorado Casual style when he takes his kids to school in the carpool.
2. Do you think I can wear a T-shirt to this party or is it going to be Colorado Casual? 

Number 4: "Colorado Head Butt"

A fake head butt followed through with a straight punch to the nuts.

I scream Colorado head butt seconds prior to going through the motions of an actual head butt but just prior to heads connecting I stop and straight punch to the nuts as their eyes are closed expecting a head butt.

Number 3: "Colorado-Out"

A typical characteristic of a native Coloradan when making plans or appointments, then bailing with no phone call at the last minute. Or they will make the plans or ask you to do something, then you will never hear from them.

Scott says, "Hey, let's get together and play some video games after work. I am going to go home and clean up, then I will give you a call." After waiting around half the night, I realized he pulled a Colorado-Out.

Number 2: "Colorado Straight Edge"

Where you quit doing all drugs and drinking but keep smoking weed.

My liver is hurting, its time to go Colorado straight edge.

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Number 1: "Colorado Bitchslap"

Name for a March-May Blizzard. One day it's nice, sunny and 70 degrees, the next day it's a white-out. The weather bitch slaps your brain and makes it difficult to concentrate, among other things in Colorado that are already distracting you — for example, legalized marijuana.

Man, I was going to go for a killer climb, hike and bike today, but we've experienced a Colorado Bitchslap, so I'm going to do nothing, except watch my car experience a Colorado Carwash.

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