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Reader: Dinger Is the Perfect Mascot for an Extinct Organization

In one of the shortest sports controversies ever, the Colorado Rockies quickly did an about-face when team management learned that a fan had not yelled the "N-word" at Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson on August 8, but was simply shouting "Dinger," because he wanted the Rockies' purple dinosaur mascot to pose for a photo with his grandkids.

But a few questions remain, including why anyone would want their picture taken with Dinger, "the worst mascot in the history of American sports," according to Michael Roberts.

And those are real fighting words, judging from comments posted on the Westword Facebook story of the incident. Says James: 
Props to Denver for it being both shocking and not at all surprising that someone yelled "Dinger," folks got (rightfully) upset, and Dinger fucked up just by being Dinger. I miss the Zephyrs. 
Responds Barry:
How dare you call a childhood staple for a lot of us Coloradans “the worst mascot ever”?
Counters Brice:
Dinger is the worst. Rocky needs to be the mascot for all Colorado sports.
Adds Greg:
All I’m saying is that the Rockies have never won a World Series with Dinger as mascot. Change is needed!
Notes Rodolfo:
I’m sure the author is aware that Dinger is a great mascot because he’s the only triceratops in sports. He’s also great mascot, considering the fact that they found said dinosaur underneath first base during construction of the stadium. And finally, “dinger” is a colloquial term for “home run.”
Responds Harrison:
I like a triceratops, but Dinger needs to look a lot less like Barney.
Comments Sylvia:
Well. That was a waste of time to read. To the writer… your contempt for a MASCOT!… someone in a costume walking around for CHILDREN!… is ridiculous and just mean. I think he’s the perfect mascot, considering the mountains and foothills are nothing more than petrified dinosaur crap!

Geez. Write about something more interesting or relevant instead of bashing a human in a costume trying to earn a living. I’d like to see you walking around in 90+ degree weather.
But Tara concludes: 
Sadly, Dinger is the perfect mascot for the entire organization, extinct from contention.
What do you think of Dinger? Should the mascot's name be changed? Or should the mascot itself be changed? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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