The One Metro Denver City Where Rent Is Cheaper Than This Time Last Year

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Last month at this time, we told you about the first metro Denver rent report in months that (probably) wouldn't make you cry.

Thankfully, the trend of moderating rent prices is continuing. Indeed, the median rent price in one metro-area city is actually lower now than it was at this time last year.

The facts and figures come from the November rent report from Apartment List. And the good, or at least better, news doesn't stop there.

A pair of our Denver rent update headlines from August and September — "Denver One-Bedroom Rent Up Most of 25 Priciest U.S. Cities in Past Year" and "Denver One-Bedroom Rent Up by Higher Percentage Than Any Other U.S. City" — speak volumes about rising costs locally. Indeed, renters in these parts have been looking at significant increases, many in the double-digit range, for the past few years.

This time, though, five of the fourteen metro communities included in the Apartment List study actually saw a month-to-month decrease in overall median rent, including Denver, which experienced a -0.2 percent dip. And while the median year-to-year rent costs are still up in thirteen of the fourteen places, all of the figures are below 5 percent.

As for the one place where year-to-year median rent is down, it's also, naturally, the priciest spot among those surveyed. But lower is lower, and in this rental market, that's definitely worth noting.

Continue to count down rents in the aforementioned Denver metro communities, ranked by year-to-year change. (Note: The month-to-month and year-to-year changes are a cumulative of both one- and two-bedroom figures.)

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