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Reader: Only a Fascist State Uses Cameras to Monitor Its People

Reader: Only a Fascist State Uses Cameras to Monitor Its People
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As Michael Roberts reported this week, there are some 226 High Activity Location Observation, or HALO, cameras in Denver that the police department monitors. And that figure is double what it was just seven years ago. Some of the cameras were a gift from the 2008 Democratic National Convention; some are in high-crime areas are monitored 24/7 by cops.

Readers are wary not just of the increasing number o the cameras, but also their effectiveness and the philosophy behind them.

Robin says:
Only a fascist state uses cameras to monitor its people.
Greg notes:
There are dozens of cameras along Colfax which do nothing to crime but move it into your neighborhoods. On your patio, in your alleys, and in your buildings. I'd almost rather them be gone.
Victor replies:
I don’t have anything to hide, so watch me.
Adam argues:
This isn't about big brother. If the public has access to the footage I have no problem with it. There would be no rights violation. However I needed some footage from one for a car accident I was in and was told they weren't actually recording. So I guess that was a lie.
Jason wonders:
So why don’t they catch more bike thieves?
Keep reading for more stories about surveillance and DPD.
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