Where All 226 Police HALO Cameras Are Watching You in Denver

The HALO camera at 14th and Curits.
The HALO camera at 14th and Curits. File photo
The number of High Activity Location Observation, or HALO, cameras monitored by the Denver Police Department has more than doubled in the past seven years, making it more likely than ever that authorities are monitoring your activities at some of the Mile High City's busiest places.

The data about HALO cameras was provided by the DPD, which initiated the surveillance program in connection with the 2008 Democratic National Convention. The following year, the department reconfigured the project, which provides 24/7 video feeds from what are considered high-crime areas within the city limits.

The idea is that potential offenders will think twice about committing misdeeds where they think their acts could be captured on video — and if they choose to do so anyhow, the images provide an important investigative clue to law enforcement.

In June 2011, when we published our first list of HALO camera locations, 102 of the devices were operational, with only a handful offering multiple views of the same setting. For instance, three cameras were installed on the campus of Lincoln High School, while Manual and Montbello high schools each sported four.

Times have changed. As you can see from the following list of HALO cameras in Denver, divided among the community's six police districts, the cameras are currently mounted in 176 spots in Denver, including Mile High Stadium, the Pepsi Center and assorted parks.

But multiple cameras are cranking away at many sites, adding another fifty to the total. Two cameras can be found at or near a slew of major District 6 intersections not far from Civic Center Park, the Colorado State Capitol, the Denver Art Museum and the main branch of the Denver Public Library: 13th and Broadway, 13th and Acoma, 14th and Acoma, 1450 Lincoln and more.

By far the most HALO cameras are at the pedestrian bridge between 35th and 36th streets, which allows folks on foot to cross over railroad tracks between Blake and Wazee. The bridge, which opened in August 2017, boasts twelve of the gadgets.

The number of cameras in Denver may seem excessive, but plenty of communities are even more aggressive in regard to surveillance. Take Brighton, a much less populous burg than Denver, which has invested in 150 cameras and is currently encouraging residents to register their private security cams to broaden authorities' view even further.

Continue to see where all 226 current HALO cameras in Denver can be found, complete with their GPS coordinates. We've also included some photos that show the cameras hiding in plain sight. One is screwed to a 7-Eleven sign. Another is affixed to the side of a Walgreens.

click to enlarge Where Decatur meets Holden Place. - GOOGLE MAPS
Where Decatur meets Holden Place.
Google Maps

1. 1250 Decatur at Holden Pl.
GPS Location: 39.735735, -105.021693

2. 16th & Central
GPS Location: 39.758387, -105.009291

3. 10th & Federal
GPS Location: 39.732928, -105.025071

4. 38th & Lipan
GPS Location: 39.769391, -105.001876

5. Colfax & Perry
GPS Location: 39.740235, -105.039412

6. Federal & Howard Pl
GPS Location: 39.737880, -105.025394

7. Federal & Howard Pl
GPS Location: 39.737880, -105.025394

8. Broncos Field East
GPS Location: 39.743105, -105.016948

9. Broncos Field North
GPS Location: 39.746145, -105.022809

10. Broncos Field South
GPS Location: 39.740630, -105.019150

11. 13th & Decatur
GPS Location: 39.736437, -105.021861

12. 1155 Decatur
GPS Location: 39.734914, -105.021845

13. 11th & Decatur
GPS Location: 39.733947, -105.021880

14. 9th & Decatur
GPS Location: 39.731114, -105.021846

15. 900 Blk Alcott Way (Park)
GPS Location: 39.731902, -105.017581

16. 990 Alcott Way
GPS Location: 39.732623, -105.018128

17. Colfax & Federal Ramp
GPS Location: 39.739314, -105.024309

18. Pepsi Center Main Entrance
GPS Location: 39.747057, -105.008245

19. 12th & Chopper Cir
GPS Location: 39.749806, -105.005522

20. Pepsi Center NW Parking Lot
GPS Location: 39.749768, -105.007304

21. DPS DIST 1
32nd Clay North HS
GPS Location: 39.761945, -105.020628

22. DPS DIST 1
2900 Blk W. Douglas Pl. NHS
GPS Location: 39.760644, -105.023686

23. DPS DIST 1
2960 Speer Blvd. NHS Campus
GPS Location: 39.761257, -105.022839

24. DPS DIST 1
2960 Speer Blvd. NHS Campus
GPS Location: 39.761257, -105.022839
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