Denver Republican headquarters attacked -- but why? Point fingers in our vandalism poll

Vandals reportedly attacked the Denver County GOP headquarters twice over the weekend. Who's to blame? Radical anarchists like Maurice "Ariel Attack" Schwenkler, charged with vandalizing Democratic HQ last year? Republican operatives? Drunk teens who randomly selected the building to test out some power tools? As they say, we report, you decide, in our poll below.

Here's what the Republicans say happened in a press release issued today:

On Saturday night, October 23, more than 17 holes were driven deep into the stucco walls of the building and through a sign for Ronnie Nelson, the Republican candidate for HD5. Then on Sunday night, October 24, four 5x8 campaign signs, belonging to Suthers, Buck, Gessler and Nelson, were ripped off the walls of the building and strewn into the street.

"We are not sure if this vandalism is politically motivated," states Denver County Republican Party chairman Ryan Call in the release, "but we would hope that those who do disagree with us are able to do so in a way that is not disagreeable. Our parties have different ideas about how best to fix this country, and that discourse is important, but it needs to be conducted civilly, without resort to violence and vandalism."

Who are your top suspects? Vote below.

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Nick Lucchesi
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