How Serial Sexual Predator Byron Whitehorn Was Busted Again

Byron Whitehorn is accused of assaulting a woman near Vybe, a club at 1027 North Broadway.
Byron Whitehorn is accused of assaulting a woman near Vybe, a club at 1027 North Broadway. Google Maps/Denver District Attorney's Office
On August 27, 53-year-old Byron Whitehorn is scheduled to be sentenced on eight counts of sexual assault involving four women. But this won't be his last appearance before a judge. The Denver District Attorney's Office has now charged Whitehorn with another sexual assault that allegedly took place less than three weeks before his conviction for the previous offenses — and an ankle monitor he's said to have been wearing at the time of the crime was instrumental in the bust.

"Sexual-Assault Conviction of Byron Whitehorn a Victory for Victims," written by Gabrielle Bye, was published on June 18, two days after a Denver jury found Whitehorn guilty. The article reported that "Whitehorn had a standard move: He'd show up in LoDo when the bars were emptying out and ask a young woman if she needed a ride home. After she got in his 2005 Audi A4, he'd sexually assault the woman before dropping her off at her destination."

The four victims told very similar stories of sexual assaults that happened on April 9, 2017; on October 14, 2017; on January 28, 2018; and on December 14, 2018. The incidents all started outside of LoDo bars, when women accepted ride offers from Whitehorn.

Senior Chief Deputy Denver DA Maggie Conboy saw his conviction in all of these cases as important on several levels. "I think that when victims see these kind of results in cases, it gives people courage to come forward, and to report," she told Bye. "Hopefully, the message is: We will listen; we will support you."

This latest case involves an incident on May 27. According to Whitehorn's arrest affidavit, which has been heavily redacted, a woman and her spouse had shared drinks at Vybe, a club at 1027 Broadway, between 9 and 9:30 p.m. But the couple got separated, and the woman wound up walking south on Broadway looking for their parked vehicle. En route, she was approached by a man who identified himself as Byron and offered to give her a ride home. She agreed, but shortly after the car started up, she realized they weren't heading toward her place. Instead, they wound up in the garage of a residence in Wheat Ridge, where the man sexually assaulted her.

The woman reported the crime to the Denver Police Department, but she was unable to identify the house where she'd been attacked; she'd run from the address, and the neighborhood was unfamiliar to her. But on June 19, the couple "read a news article that depicted the defendant recently being convicted of several sexual assaults occurring over the past couple of years." The report, which Denver District Attorney's Office spokesperson Carolyn Tyler says was issued by Denver7, included a photo of Whitehorn; the woman immediately recognized him as the man who'd assaulted her.

More evidence against Whitehorn was readily available: He'd been wearing an ankle monitor, and its coordinates showed him at both Vybe and the Wheat Ridge residence, where he lived, on the night in question.

The new charges pressed against Whitehorn on August 25 in Denver District Court include two counts of sexual assault and one count of false imprisonment. And after tomorrow, prosecutors should have no problem tracking him down — since he'll be behind bars.

Click to read the Byron Whitehorn arrest affidavit.

This post has been updated to reveal that the report about Byron Whitehorn seen by a sexual assault victim was published by Denver7.
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