Did CU Boulder's Ian Scheuermann Kill Fellow Buff Over Woman or Cigarette?

Update: More information has surfaced about the murder of Sean Hudson, allegedly by fellow University of Colorado Boulder student Ian Scheuermann.

See our previous coverage below.

However, accounts of what led to an argument that ended with Hudson's fatal stabbing aren't consistent.

One version suggests that the spat was about the ex-girlfriend of Scheuermann and an acquaintance of Hudson's.

Another hints that the problems originated after a member of Hudson's party simply asked Scheuermann for a cigarette.

The details come to us via the Boulder Daily Camera, which cites both an arrest report and Scheuermann's first court appearance yesterday.

According to the police document, two officers were on patrol near the intersection of Broadway and Walnut in Boulder when they first learned about the stabbing.

Upon arriving at the scene, on the 1200 block of Walnut, they found Hudson suffering from multiple stab wounds and an apparently drunk Scheuermann doused in blood, with what the Camera describes as a "folding knife clipped to his pants."

Hudson was rushed to an area hospital, but he was pronounced dead en route.

Later, in a police interview, Scheuermann said he'd been walking to his car after imbibing at the Sundown Saloon on the Pearl Street Mall when he was confronted by an acquaintance identified only as Jeremy.

He maintained that Jeremy brought up a joint argument from a couple of weeks before involving "a shared ex-girlfriend," the Camera reports.

Scheuermann claimed to have tried to deescalate the situation, but Hudson, one of two people with Jeremy, became "physically aggressive," knocking him to the ground and slugging him in the face. He insisted that the first stab wound was inflicted in self-defense, but Hudson continued his attack, prompting more injuries from the knife, including one in the neck.

At the hearing, however, Sean Finn, representing the Boulder District Attorney's Office in the case, said Scheuermann had changed his story, adding that law enforcement now believes Scheuermann responded to a request for a cigarette from the Hudson group by asking, "Do you want to get stabbed?" Prosecutors think Scheuermann drew his blade before he was knocked down, the Camera notes.

Charges against Scheuermann are pending. Look below to see his booking photo, followed by our previous coverage.

Original post, 8:45 a.m. December 14: Ian Scheuermann and Sean Hudson were both students at CU Boulder.

Scheuermann is listed as a junior pursuing majors in computer science and physics, while Hudson was a graduate student focusing on psychology

And while they don't appear to have been close friends, the Boulder Police Department maintains that they had mutual acquaintances — some of whom reportedly saw Scheuermann stab Hudson to death early on Saturday, December 12.

And now, even as those close to Hudson are struggling to come to grips with this shocking turn of events, they're attempting to raise money to cover the costs of transporting him back to his Indiana home for burial.

Both Scheuermann and Hudson have used Facebook to document their lives.

Here's a playful shot of Hudson from his page, which lists his hometown as Greenfield, Indiana.... well as a portrait of him that also appears on his CU Boulder web page:

This excerpt from the latter reveals Hudson's impressive educational background and research interests:
BA, Psychology (minors in Biology and Classical Studies), Butler University, 2012
MA, Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder, 2015
PhD, Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder, expected 2017

Research Interests
People tend to remember individuals from their own racial group better than individuals from different racial groups. I’m interested in the perceptual and cognitive processes underlying this phenomenon and the downstream consequences for social evaluation.
Another Facebook photo of Hudson.... among the shots on a GoFundMe page entitled "Support for Sean & Family."

The introduction to the page offers information about Hudson and the fund drive.
On December 12,2015 Sean's life was taken too soon. Sean was an amazing son, brother, friend, student, and just an all around great person.

Sean graduated with honors from Greenfield High school. Was on a full scholarship to Butler University where he graduated with honors. He obtained his Masters degree in Psychology from Univeristy of Colorado-Boulder in 2015. Currently he was working on his PhD and would have graduated in 2017 from University of Colorado-Boulder.

We are needing to raise funds for his funeral & traveling needs. Sean went to school in Colorado where he passed away, and we need to get him home to Greenfield, IN.
As for Scheuermann, who's currently being held on suspicion of second-degree murder, his Facebook gallery is filled with portraits, including the one at the top of this post and the following image....

...that hardly hint at the brutality that took place early Saturday the 12th.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the stabbing took place in front of multiple witnesses after an argument turned violent — and while police are said to know the reason for the conflict, they're not sharing it publicly at this time.

In the meantime, CU Boulder chancellor Phil DiStefano released a statement about the incident that reads in part, ""On behalf of the entire CU-Boulder community, I want to express my condolences to the family and friends of the victim of this senseless act of violence. I also call on our entire campus community to reject violence — unilaterally — as a way of resolving disputes. As we have seen in recent months here in Colorado and around the world, it stamps out our individual hopes, dreams and aspirations, and those of our communities."


For more information about how you can help Hudson's family, click here.

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