Dudes! Day Two

In celebrity-starved Denver, it's no surprise that the PleasuresDudes have parlayed their late-night TV ads for a local adult-store chain into a certain star status peopled with parties and porn stars. But thanks to the web, the Dudes have gone global – and their fame earned them an invitation to cover the red carpet at the June 7 FAME (Fans of Adult Media & Entertainment) awards in Los Angeles. They kept a totally sweet diary of their adventures, which we’ll be publishing over the next few days complete with photos. (And they promise more pix at

Day Two: Los Angeles

Totally sweet! So it’s Friday, June 6, and I did Rebecca Steel last night in such a fun and cool way! Going back six years, when Rebecca was Lannie, I introduced her to Shy Love and Rita Faltoyano, two pretty big porn stars! They liked her and helped her turn into porn star Rebecca Steel. And last night, Rebecca started by giving me great slow fellatio and intricate positions that made the toes on my feet curl! The playful banter of PleasuresDude/porn sex lasted for about three hours, and boy, was I tired today!

Still, I had to get it up for the Erotica L.A. 2008 show at the convention center. was the first booth we talked to; they’ve created a shirt company which shirts that say things like “I Have BIG TITS,” “I’m an Itty Bitty Titty Committee Member!!” and “Don’t Look at These.” The girls who own this company are “Fully Rad!”

\Next, Randy Speers, the Wicked Pictures contract dude, tells us that guys who want to get in the business should have a hot chick they can bring with them, and use the hot chick to make the producers want the dudes, ‘cause they’re getting the hot chick, too! Check out for more on the finest adult film company in the biz! (Also, Wicked Pictures is the only adult company that still makes the dudes wear condoms.)

We also finally get to meet Rodney Moore, the sixteen-year veteran porn star and owner of Rodney Moore Productions and This dude does a hundred different chicky chicks each year; his favorite is Naudia Nyce. This dude is fully cool and makes great films!

We also run across the booth entitled Don, the owner, says he paid $9,500,000 for the domain name, setting the all-time record for the highest cost of a domain name! Wow, that’s fully gnarly. This great site is also fully reasonable, starting at $9.95 per month and gets an average of 200,000 hits per day!

Elizabeth Starr, Big Tit Queen and owner of Starr Productions, talks to us about a project she’s cross- promoting, with rock music and porn. The groups that are fucking big-tit chicks are Pretty Boy Floyd, Fear Factor and Static X. Yeah for porn and rock! And Summer Cummings, star of Starr Productions, lets us play with her t9ts and have other special things happen while we’re in the Starr Productions booth!!!

When we talk to our good friend Jessica Drake, I, Rusty Boner the PleasuresDude, get up in her stuff smelling and touching and she likes me, she really likes me! In her new movie, she does real stunt woman work and she’s starting to direct movies, too! I love Jessica Drake! She plays an angel in her newest film! Again, I love Jessica Drake!

Roller Derby for girls is getting popular, and our good friend and porn star Sunny Lane is in the new movie Roller Dolls. She gets physical roller skating and having sex, and she says she owes it all to being an ice skater as a young girl! Amber Rayne is so cool! Her newest film coming out in August is The 4, a take-off of the film 300. She plays The Oracle and she is rigged up in wires and does fully cool stunt-woman stuff! She calls her boss, Rodney Moore, the King of Cream!

Samantha Sinn says she doesn’t smoke pot any more ‘cause she doesn’t want to lose brain cells, but her good friend and co-Rodney Moore contract girl is a pothead. When I make a joke about her being like Mary Carey, wannabe California governor, she says, “Don’t ever compare me to Mary Carey.” She goes on by saying that the pot has worn off and she needs more.

Alexis Texas lets us play with her while we interview her and she really loves us. Her body feels and smells really good and it you go to and put pleasuresdudes in the search, you will see a lot of this cool Alexis Texas and another porn girl. One of the coolest things about today is all the touching, smelling, fondling and other stuff done right in public. I love my job!

Today was a great day and tomorrow will be even better! We’ll be working the red carpet for the FAME awards, the second biggest porn-awards show, and we will also be interviewing Tera Patrick and other surprise guests! See ya tomorrow – totally sweet! – the PleasuresDudes

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