"Ruby Slipper" by Riva Sweetrocket is on display at + Gallery in the RiNo District.

First Look at July First Friday

Ready to get all artsy and hit up this First Friday thing everyone's been buzzing about -- even Travel and Leisure? Well, this Friday, July 6, is the day, and to help you with your advance planning -- there are too many galleries hosting shows not to have a plan -- we've put together a cheat-sheet slide show of what is being displayed in the town's various arts districts.

Just remember: At least look at the art before grabbing the free glass of wine from those galleries still serving... Or better yet, bring your own swill in a flask. Less time fighting the crowds for the bar means all the more time to spy the artwork.

Enjoy! -- Amy Haimerl

For Santa Fe and Golden Triangle, click here.

For the River North Arts District (RiNo), click here.

For Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis, click here.**

**Pirate gets a slide show to itself because it was the only gallery in the Navajo Street district that returned our calls/e-mails for information and photographs.

If you find other galleries you think we should include in our roundup in future months, please e-mail amy.haimerl@westword.com

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