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Reader: I Don't Want to Be Voted Out of a Job by Denverites Who'll Never See an Oil Well

Jay Vollmar
On October 30, we published an investigative report by David Sirota and Chase Woodruff about Amendment 74, which showed that the ballot measure was far more nefarious than it seemed. In fact, it was designed as a direct response to Proposition 112, which would require more setbacks from oil and gas development projects and certain areas, such as homes and schools.

But in pushing Amendment 74, big oil created its own doomsday device. If it passes, the amendment would force Colorado to compensate property owners if their land loses value because of state regulations.  Although the amendment is just eleven words, it could have catastrophic effects on the state.

Readers recognize the danger. Ryan says:
If the amount of money put into fighting this was actually put into the Colorado infrastructure, you wouldn’t need to vote on any of it. Tens of millions of dollars spent to sway us to vote no. Unreal.
 Jame argues:
Everyone I know has voted yes [on 112]. Just the TV and the oil workers on Facebook have said no. I guess if they found a cure for dying, the funeral homes would be up in arms over jobs lost.
 Joe notes:
Not sure why everyone thinks it's some great conspiracy that oil companies are spending money to prevent losing a major business opportunity. I have a "no on 112" sign in my yard. Conspiracy? Nope, I just don't want to be voted out of a job by a bunch of Denverites who will probably never see an oil well anyway.
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