From the week of October 23, 2008

"Open Secrets," Lisa Rab, October 9

Shelter Skelter

The story you published about asylum-seekers sucks. Write an article about the number of veterans returning from the field of battle with half their brains blown out and living on the streets, then talk to me. These so-called asylum-seekers need to leave us taxpaying Americans alone and stand their ground in their own damn country. Asylum-seekers are an age-old problem in these United States; they usually end up in jail or prison here because they first rob the taxpayers with their words of woe and then proceed to further undermine the U.S. by stealing, robbing and, yes, even murdering our fellow Americans.

Get a life, please, and report some real news worthy of the ink...

Mark Allen Pitt 


"Strange Union," Joel Warner, October 16

Hard Work

It almost made me cry to hear that Ryan Frazier's position on "right to work for less" was about "principle" and "freedom." What a joke, and what a shame for Frazier and his party hacks to pretend that they are acting to protect rank-and-file employees. Joel Warner's article was well researched, but he should have discussed the differences between public and private unions. Many public-sector unions do not bargain on wages, and the goals of the agencies are about public safety versus profit. Employee working conditions are a critical component of the mission and the public interest. I work in a federal prison and can attest to the importance of collective bargaining in order to help maintain safety standards.  The passage of Amendment 47 would essentially turn many unions into social clubs and greatly damage the collective voice of firefighters, law enforcement officials, medical staff  and employees throughout the state. 

 Union shops are no different than any other form of representative democracy. Consider these questions: Why do people still have to pay taxes when we disagree with our elected officials? Why do those officials get to make decisions for all of us? Why are so many people required to pay homeowner association fees? Why do people who claim to believe in due process of law, checks and balances and equal justice abandon those beliefs when it comes to democracy in the workplace?  

 I certainly understand why people sometimes disagree with labor unions. It is called democracy. And when you remove it from the workplace, you remove it from society. 

Timothy D. Allport


"Cougar Attack!," Adam Cayton-Holland, October 16

Purrfect Storm

Drinking 257 Stella Artois beers, six flutes of champagne and three vodka tonics can make a person do some strange and frightening things, like voting for Barack Obama.

But turning down sex on the basis of political affiliation goes well beyond the pale. Yet, despite the fact that "homegirl was smoking," that's exactly what A-Hol did — thereby ignoring the opportunity to do some late-night politicking. He could have shown her one very big reason not to vote for Governor Palin. which would have impressed her far more than his slurred assault on Senator McCain. Of course, after his rather robust liquid diet, that one big reason might have appeared far less significant.

And if A-Hol is shocked that one woman might vote for Sarah Palin simply because she's a woman, how does he feel about blacks voting for Barack Obama simply because he's black?

Don Lopez


Way to go, Adam! You thought with the "big head" and not the "little head" in escaping the wrath of the McCain/Palin-supporting cougar! Where do women like that come from, anyway? They'd rather chance giving up their right to choose just to see a vagina in the White House? Good grief! That demonstrates thinking with "no head" at all!

I only wish there were more guys like you! I hope the beard comes off November 4. Obama or bust!

Paula Wycoff


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