Delicious...and dangerous? Additional images and more below.
Delicious...and dangerous? Additional images and more below.
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Gary Strand Busted in Road Rage Incident for Menacing — With a Pecan Pie

Unfortunately, road rage incidents aren't exactly rare in these parts.

But the one involving Boulder's Gary Strand is unique in our experience.

That's because his arrest on suspicion of felony menacing involves him allegedly hurling a pecan pie.

No, we're not making this up.

According to 7News, the incident took place on Monday, July 6, at a Boulder-area Safeway and continued to the 3500 block of Arthur Court, a location captured in the following interactive graphic. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps."

The protagonists in the story are Strand and Adam Raley.

In a police report cited by the station, Raley admitted that he may have cut off a Nissan as he left the store, and the driver of a blue SUV — later identified as Strand — appeared to have been offended by the maneuver.

Strand responded by following Raley to his Arthur Court apartment complex.

"Can I help you?" Raley remembers asking him.

In response, Strand is said to have heaved a pecan pie at Raley's car.

A Facebook photo of Adam Raley.
A Facebook photo of Adam Raley.

That wasn't the end of the pastry tossing. Raley told investigators that he "went over, picked up some of what was left of the pie and 'threw it back,'" the police report maintains.

This action apparently miffed Strand, who Raley accuses of driving directly at him (he managed to get out of the way), then dismounting and busting his taillight with an unknown tool before splitting.

A witness noted in the report shared similar observations and branded Strand "deranged" and "out of control."

When the cops tracked down Strand via his license-plate number, he reportedly claimed not to know anything about the incident — and he continued to deny that he tried to run Raley down or broke the taillight. But he admitted chucking the pie, and said Raley had flipped him off.

Oh yeah: An officer made note of alcohol on Strand's breath — although no DUI charges are being pressed. He later went into a wheezing attack, but the condition calmed down enough for him to fall asleep in his cell.

Less fortunate was the pie, which could not be saved. Here's Strand's booking photo.

Gary Strand.EXPAND
Gary Strand.
Boulder Police Department
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