Glenn Beck-target Yosi Sergant's DNC bash

The latest sport among the right-wing loonocracy involves targeting minor members of the Obama administration and hammering away at them relentlessly until they're given the boot. Among the latest folks to get such treatment: National Endowment for the Arts communication director Yosi Sergant, who was reassigned after Fox News' Glenn Beck made hay about an August conference call in which Sergant allegedly talked about recruiting artists to create pro-Barack pieces.

Sergant was in Denver during last year's Democratic National Convention, and helped put on one of the bigger parties of the week: Manifest Hope, a gallery show dominated by artists such as "Hope" iconographer Shepherd Fairey who hardly needed encouragement to celebrate the party's nominee. Westword staffer Jared Jacang Maher got passes for the spectacle but couldn't attend -- so he passed on the tickets to his brother Adam. The result was a blog entitled "Little Brother Scores DNC Party VIP, Reports to Big Brother Via Text, 'This Partys Fuckin Awesome!'"

Other attendees at Manifest Hope included celebs like Sarah Silverman, who did a standup set, actor Danny Glover and Daniel Dae Kim from Lost. Shockingly enough, though, Glenn Beck was nowhere in sight. Maybe that's why he went after Sergant so hard: bitterness.

Page through below to see all of Adam's coverage and photos.

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