Government Builds/Hides Swastika Buildings

The swastika was known as an ancient religious symbol for Hindus and Buddhists before was appropriated by the Nazis in the 1940s. Since then, the pinwheel-like character has become the symbol of racism, fascism and other very bad isms.

Unfortunately, it is also makes for some very functional architecture.

Maximizing window space was likely the reason why the U.S. Navy designed a Coronado, California barracks building with four L-shaped wings. That was about forty years ago. It wasn’t until the recent introduction of Google Earth that everyone discovered what birds, satellites and space aliens have known all along: the seemingly innocuous building is actually AN ENORMOUS FUCKING SWASTIKA OHMYGOD!!!

This has prompted military administrators to earmark as much as $600,000 to modify the structure and surrounding foliage so it no longer resembles the offensive emblem. Kudos guys! Might we suggest petunias. (Nazis hate petunias.)

Since the government is already redecorating, someone ought to point out that another huge swastika exists on American soil, the giantest fucking swastika in the world – RIGHT HERE IN DENVER HOLYJESUSCHRIST!!!

Coloradoans know the place as Denver International Airport. To conspiracy theorists around the globe, however, it’s considered to be a regional headquarters for the New World Order and/or Reptilian Nazi Aliens who supposedly plan to use the airport as a landing strip for international dignitaries and the mothership during the apocalypse.

And how do we know this? Well, aside from the murals and all the other stuff Westword published last month, look at the overhead view of the airport. Now squint. See it? It kinda sorta looks like a swastika. Even YouTube says so. Predictably, DIA authorities and aviation experts say that the runway design is a simple but ingenious layout that improves safety and increases air-traffic volume since planes can take-off and land from four directions, blah, blah, blah. A picture is worth a thousand words, okay. And this photo says that Mayor Hickenlooper needs to do something about this monument to hate before it begins to reflect poorly on our diverse and tolerant city.

Any suggestions other than petunias? – Jared Jacang Maher

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Sean Cronin