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Graffiti Bombers on Video

Female graffiti writer Candy “Jel” Srichandr may have come up in Los Angeles, but the 29-year-old beauty certainly made her mark on the Mile High City before she was arrested this spring after nearly two years on the run. After the jump, find a clip from the War 3 graffiti video of Jel and Meek showing off their bombing skills in California. Produced by writers with the TKO crew, the same video series was what finally got 24-year-old alleged tagger Cyrus Yazdani popped by LA County sheriffs when they spotted a popular YouTube clip of a man spraying Yazdani’s street pseudonym Buket on an LA overpass. Yazdani reportedly worked as a graphic designer in Las Vegas, but made frequent trips to Denver, as many remaining tags of Buket around town will attest.

But to see footage of local writers doing their thing, check out the last video that Westword cobbled together from various sources for our story last year that looked at the graffiti underworld from the perspective of the taggers themselves. – Jared Jacang Maher

UPDATE: Just to note, Yazdani's mugshot has already been shown widely in the national news media, including in the Los Angeles Times. Srichandr's mug has been shown on America's Most Wanted several times, along with dozens of local news reports. The above (more flattering) photo was pulled from one of the several graffiti blogs and forum boards that have it posted. Also, the guy speaking at the beginning of the Buket video is NOT Yazdani. It is Michael Perretta, aka Evidence, MC and producer of hip-hop group Dilated Peoples, whom the Times and several other outlets initially IDed as Buket. We did not want to make the same mistake. -- Maher

Jel and Meek


Tagging Up Denver

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