Hector Paez: Cop jailed for allegedly making woman perform sex act to avoid going to jail

Denver cop Hector Paez allegedly made a woman he'd arrested an unpleasant offer: perform a sex act on him or go to jail. She presumably chose the former -- and as a result, he's experiencing the latter. He's been booked on a series of charges, including sexual assault. Page down to get more details from a Denver District Attorney's Office release, as well as to see a larger photo of Paez.


A Denver police internal investigation into an allegation of sexual assault by an officer has resulted in the officer's arrest and will result in the filing of criminal charges later this week.

Hector Paez (dob: 10-10-79) was arrested yesterday and remains in custody. He appeared in Denver County Court this morning for his first advisement; his bond has been set at $100,000.

As a result of the investigation by the Denver Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau, Paez will be charged later this week with second-degree kidnapping (F2), sexual assault (F4) and attempt to influence a public servant (F4).

The charges of kidnapping and sexual assault allege that on May 16, 2010, Paez arrested a 36-year-old woman, took her to an isolated location, and coerced her into performing a sexual act to avoid being taken to jail. The charge of attempt to influence a public servant alleges that Paez lied about his contact with the victim when he was interviewed by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Paez, who was hired in 2006, was working as a patrol officer in District 4. He was immediately suspended with pay when the allegation was made on May 19, 2010 and has now been suspended without pay following his arrest yesterday.

Paez remains in custody and is being held at the Douglas County Jail. His next court date will be scheduled after the charges are formally filed this week.

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