High Times Cannabis Cup: Colorado companies win big in Amsterdam

The number one spots in the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam last week for Best Seed Company indica, hybrid and sativa were all taken by Colorado-based companies.

Even in Amsterdam, long known as the Mecca for cannabis cultivation and use, Colorado herb comes out on top.

Rare Dankness, DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada were all crowned top of the industry last week at the 24th edition of the event. And while I haven't been able to get clarification yet, it looks like Nelson, hash expert at The Clinic Colorado, may have taken third in the hash competition entered under Reserva Privada Colorado.

Unlike the Medical Marijuana cup held in Colorado earlier this year, the Amsterdam cup is open to entries from around the world.

Granted, DNA and Reserva Privada were founded in Amsterdam and California respectively, and have since relocated to Colorado. But Rare Dankness can truly be called Colorado-born. The well-known Colorado grower known simply as "Scott," who is currently head grower for Southwest Alternative Care, founded Rare Dankness Seeds in recent years and has built it up into a well-known name in the Centennial state. (For those wanting to try some Rare Dankness grown by Scott, SWAC had his Tange Haze, Facewreck Haze and Nevil's Wreck on their shelves as of this morning.) We haven't been able to reach any of the winners yet because they are still traveling. However, Scott posted this on his Facebook page Saturday: "Damn guys, what can I say... I'm humbled to bring such a time honored award with global recogonition to our home state. I'm still stunned."

Other members of the local cannabis community are in transit back to Colorado, too, including attorney Warren Edson, who was part of a Dutch raid on the Cup that took place Wednesday morning. Rumors have been flying about what caused the increased police presence, but Edson told me over the weekend that it was a permit issue.

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We plan on catching up with him and other locals about the cup, Amsterdam herb and the police raid as soon as people trickle back and smoke enough to curb jetlag.

In the meantime, here's the list of winners courtesy of from HighTimes.com:

Seed Company Indicas (Indica Cup)Coffeeshop (Cannabis Cup): 1) Barney's Coffeeshop -- Liberty Haze 2) Green House United -- Hawaiian Snow 3) Green Place -- Buddha Tahoe

1) (tie) Reserva Privada and Reserva Privada Colorado -- Kosher Kush 2) Hortilab -- Star Bud 3) Cali Connection -- Tahoe OG

Seed Company Sativas (Sativa Cup) 1. Rare Dankness Seed Co -- Moonshine Haze 2) THSeeds -- Electric Lemon G 3) Karma Genetics -- Dominator

Seed Company Hybrids (Hybrid Cup) 1) (tie) DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada Colorado -- Holy Grail Kush 2) Cali Connecion -- Dead Head OG 3) Serious Seeds -- AK-74

Seed Company Hash Cup 1) Cali Connection -- Tahoe OG Kush Wax 2) Hogg Seeds -- Hydrahash 3) Reserva Privada Colorado -- Rascal OG Nelson

Import Hash Cup 1) Green House Coffeeshop -- Exodus Cream Cheese 2) Barney's Coffeeshop -- Caramella Cream 3) Green Place -- Twizla

Nederhash Cup 1) Barney's Coffeeshop -- Liberty Melt 2) Green House -- Hawaiian Ice 3) Grey Area -- Grey Crystal

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