Highlands Mommies' new public website reaches out to the non-Mommy universe


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Highland Mommies

have a new website. The nearly 3,000-strong northwest Denver parents group recently acquired the easier-to-find

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address and switched to a more robust web platform, including a "public" page for non-Mommies that lists information about northwest Denver schools and Highlands Mommies events, as well as parenting tips and neighborhood news.

"So far, everything is going great," says Mommies managing director Laverne Herrera-Hay.

Despite the new public website, the Mommies is still an exclusive, members-only organization -- a fact that has shrouded them in a certain kind of urban mystery. But this year, one of their goals is to reach out to the broader community, with a particular focus on improving Denver schools. The public website, which lists the names, phone numbers and websites of twenty schools in northwest Denver, is a start.

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