Internet Theory: Katy Perry Is JonBenet Ramsey

This Christmas will mark twenty years since the murder in Boulder of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey. Yet the fascination with the still-unsolved slaying refuses to dissipate.

Case in point: During the past 24 hours, there's been an explosion of interest in the Internet theory that JonBenét didn't die — and she's actually singer Katy Perry.

The notion isn't new. One of the main YouTube videos espousing the Perry/Ramsey tie (see it below) was actually posted in December 2014. And two others, also shared here, first popped up last April and September, respectively.

But this past weekend, The Kernel ran a lengthy "investigation" of the notion, with the Huffington Post picking up the thread yesterday. HuffPo's breakdown of the "evidence" in support of the concept includes the following assertions: "JonBenét's murder was a hoax," "Katy Perry and JonBenét Ramsey look alike," "Perry and Ramsey's parents also look alike," "Perry and Ramsey have similar eyebrows," "Perry's true identity is revealed in one of her biographies" and "Perry and Ramsey both know the lyrics to 'God Bless America.'"

Unconvinced? After watching the three videos below, you probably still won't buy it — but you'll have greater insight into the depth of America's fascination into the tragic death of a child in Boulder nearly two decades ago.

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