Jared Polis represents 92 percent of Colorado congressional delegation's net worth: $166M

The Center for Responsive Politics has released a personal finance overview for each member of Congress. We did a little number crunching and found some interesting figures regarding Colorado's congressional members.

Collectively, Colorado's nine-person delegation is worth $166,900,678.

Credit goes to Internet extraordinaire Congressman Jared Polis -- he's ranked as the country's seventh richest member of Congress, and his stash of cash makes up a whopping 92 percent of the Colorado officials' collective net worth. Polis is founder of three Internet businesses, which he sold in multi-million dollar deals.

Honorable mentions go to the millionaires of the delegation: congressmen Bennett, Coffman, Tipton and Udall, and Congresswoman DeGette.

Congressman Cory Gardner trails behind the rest with a net worth just over six-digits.

Below is the average net worth of each of Colorado's members of Congress:

• Jared Polis: $143,218,562 • Michael Bennet: $12,225,513 • Scott Tipton: $6,506,537 • Mark Udall: $1,405,524 • Diana DeGette: $1,267,012 • Mike Coffman: $1,075,002 • Ed Perlmutter: $967,519 • Doug Lamborn: $129,503 • Cory Gardner: $105,506

These figures are based on the most recent 2010 financial disclosure statements of each member of Congress. For a complete list, check out the Center for Responsive Politics website.

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