Reader: Jeanette Vizguerra Should Have Been Deported Years Ago

Reader: Jeanette Vizguerra Should Have Been Deported Years Ago
Chris Walker
Though many people in Denver — and around the globe, for that matter — look to Jeanette Vizguerra, an undocumented mother-turned-activist, for inspiration, she's got plenty of detractors, too, as we learned after Chris Walker wrote "Jeanette Vizguerra Will Stay in U.S. Until at Least 2019, Leaves Sanctuary." Says Henry:
How is this good news? She should have been deported years ago. We either have laws or we don't.
 Adds Alycla:
This country really needs to grow a pair of balls. If they cared half as much about the LEGAL people in this country as they do the illegals, [we] would be in much better state.
But supports were quick to respond, too. Says Jo Anne:  
She should remain here! Where in the hell does Trump want these people to go in Mexico? That's not their home...America is fool!!

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Courtesy of the Meyer Law Office
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