John Fox hire getting vote of approval from Denver Broncos nation

John Elway's announcement yesterday that John Fox has been named the Broncos' new head coach wasn't a guaranteed hit. After all, Fox most recently coached the Carolina Panthers, the one NFL team with fewer wins than Denver this past season. But in advance of his introductory news conference slated for noon today, the team's fan base seems willing to focus more on his previous successes than his more recent struggles.

A good barometer of the reaction thus far comes courtesy of Mile High Report, a site populated by Broncos lovers who aren't afraid to rip into assorted players and coaches if given just cause. A poll about the hire shows 86 percent of the more than 1,300 people who've voted at this writing clicked the button marked "In Fox We Trust."

As for comments affixed to the post, they're overwhelmingly (although not exclusively) positive. Here's an example courtesy of BroncosNM.


This was by far the best move for denver IMO. I was terrified by the thought of having a first time HC paired up with an inexperienced front office. Fox brings much needed experience to help Elway and Xanders. He knows how to run a team and prepare for a draft. He knows defense and can bring some stability to this franchise. Fox offered the most out of all the candidates. He has experience, knowledge and from what I can tell has a good reputation around the league which is important after spygate II.

Of course, the disastrous Josh McDaniels had plenty of support right out of the box, too. My post on the hire -- "Offensive expert Josh McDaniels as new Broncos coach? WTF?" -- was among the relative few to question the logic of the move.

This time around, I feel more upbeat -- not super-stoked, but relieved that the Broncos finally appear ready to address a defense that would need a significant upgrade to be described as "porous." Here's hoping Twitter-pated John Elway's optimistic off-season tweets about Fox will lead to some happy messages when the games start to count again.

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