Jon Stewart's Denver Visit Highly Anticipated By at Least Two People

The Daily Show, the Comedy Central staple starring Jon Stewart, will be staging programs at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver during the Democratic National Convention in August, and while it's usually free to attend such tapings, a couple of locals seem ready to pay for the privilege. In the "items wanted" section of the Denver Craig's List site, one user posted a plea for multiple tickets, while another put forward a more modest request, albeit with great passion, writing, "I'm looking for one ticket to any of the Daily Show tapings at DU during the DNC. Jon Stewart is AMAZING, and this is a dream of mine!"

Thinking there must be an easier way, I surfed to the show's website -- and, well, it looks like I was wrong.

The site features a ticketing page that's specifically labeled, "Ticket Reservations for New York," where the program is based. Ignoring that, I tried to type my information into the appropriate fields and was allowed to do so in all of them except the one that asked for a date. Monthly calendars appear above this box advising visitors to "PLEASE SELECT THE DATE YOU WOULD LIKE," but none of them were clickable through July 2009. Don't know if that means the show's booked for the next year or if there's simply a problem with the system -- but signs weren't positive. An intro notes that "grayed out dates are not available," and guess what color all of the calendars are...

Fortunately, another option remained, as described in this passage:

If you are looking for tickets and the show date you are looking for is filled up please try e-mailing [email protected] Please include your name, the show date you would like to attend and the number of tickets (There is a max of 4.)

I sent an e-mail to the address above and quickly received the following reply:

Hello Daily Show Fan!


Thank you for your ticket request! If you are successful in your request you will hear back from us. If you do not hear back from us, unfortunately we could not accommodate your request. Anyone looking for confirmation letters, need to e-mail the address on their booking letter, not this address.

Audience Dept.

Not too promising, eh? Maybe Craig's List is the way to go after all. -- Michael Roberts

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