Joshua White allegedly knocks down pair with SUV, then drags man 150 feet

A car can be a deadly weapon -- especially if a driver is purposefully aiming it at people.

That's among the allegations against Joshua White, 24, who's accused of using his car to bump a woman and a man, then dragging the latter 150 feet.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rick Brough tells us the story, based on the report of deputies who responded to the scene just past 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. In his words, "there was a get-together at a location in Superior, and there was a verbal altercation between one of the victims" -- Lacie Kupfner, 26 -- "and Mr. White." The Boulder Daily Camera reports that the argument was spurred by White "flirting" with Kupfner's boyfriend.

At that point, Brough continues, "the altercation went outside, and Mr. White got into his car," an SUV, "and bumped our victim [Kupfner] three times." And he's not talking about bumping her car. "She was standing there," he says. "He would move his car into her, back up, and then move into her again."

Shortly thereafter, White left, but he returned a short time later "to retrieve a cell phone or something like that," Brough notes. "And that's where the other victim came into play."

He's referring to Michael Johnson, 49, who'd also been present at the gathering, and was soon drawn into an escalated version of what went down the first time around.

White "bumped into both Michael and our other victim and knocked them down," Brough says. "And then Michael inserted himself into the altercation. He got up and approached the vehicle. I don't know if it was to get the keys out of the car or what. But at that point, he got hung up on the car and was dragged."

Johnson wasn't freed from the vehicle by White. According to the deputies' report, he only came loose after hitting a rock. Brough describes the damage Johnson suffered as "serious bodily injury. He had injuries to his abdomen and all the scrapes from being dragged -- what people call 'road rash.'" Kupfner is also said to have suffered injuries to her torso.

In the beginning, the Camera says White claimed to have been the victim in the incident, insisting he'd been "jumped" by five people and omitting anything about using his SUV as a battering ram. But his argument was undermined, Brough maintains, because he was obviously drunk -- hence the addition of DUI-related charges in to assault of the first-degree, second-degree and vehicular variety.

Look below to see a larger version of White's mug shot.

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