Kaos Pizzeria's Incredible Deal: Catch This Thief and Get Free Pizza for a Year

The folks with Kaos Pizzeria, located at 1439 South Pearl, really, really want to catch the guy who burglarized the restaurant early on January 3.

Indeed, they're offering free pizza for a year to anyone providing the information that brings the dude to justice — and they've shared not one, not two, but three surveillance videos of him in action as a way of boosting the effort.

The first post about the offer on the pizzeria's Facebook page reads:
Please SHARE THIS POST and help us catch a thief! Tall white male, shaved head, approx 6’2”. Wanted for burglary of Kaos Pizzeria at 4:30am on January 3rd.

Also suspected of additional neighborhood burglaries. Contact Detective Mark Matthews at DPD with any info: 720-913-1170.

If yours is the tip that lands him in jail, we’ll give you FREE PIZZA FOR A YEAR!

Please share this video, to help protect our community from jerks who skulk about in sunglasses at night and steal from small businesses.

Since this initial item, Kaos has reposted several more on the topic, in addition to posting three videos of the man to its YouTube channel.

We've included all the clips below.

If you have any information about the case, you're encouraged to contact the Denver Police Department at the number above — and we're sure the Kaos crew would be happy for you to contact them here as well.

As for the man in question: The power of pizza is on your trail. Here are the videos.

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