Kevin and Theresa Carothers accused of teaming up to molest her daughter starting at age twelve

When women are charged along with men accused of sexual assaults, it's often because they allegedly knew about the crimes but did nothing to stop them. That's not the case with Theresa Carothers, though. According to an arrest affidavit on view below, she's believed to have actively participated with stepfather Kevin Carothers in the molestation of her daughter beginning before the girl had entered her teens.

The document is heavily redacted owing to the age of the victim -- fifteen currently, but just twelve in 2009, when she says Kevin and Theresa "started 'raping' her."

In the second half of that year, the victim tells an interviewer that she with her mom and stepdad in the basement of their home when Kevin started touching her "personal area" with his hand. He warned her not to tell anyone. Shortly thereafter, the abuse escalated to penetration, with Kevin allegedly coming into her bedroom, removing her pajamas, placing his hands on her hips and forcing himself on her. She remembers the experience as being painful -- in many ways, no doubt.

By that December, Theresa reportedly was an active participant in sex acts, touching the victim as Kevin did, and these offenses continued in their home and random hotel rooms for approximately two years -- and not entirely in secret. In late 2011, the girl says the family was kicked out of the home they'd been sharing with Kevin's parents after his mom found some nude photos of her. Both Kevin and Theresa are said to have snapped since-deleted shots, with Theresa sometimes taking cell-phone images of the teen and forwarding them to her husband.

In addition to Kevin's parents, an unnamed witness is also said to have witnessed some unsettling behavior -- like Kevin touching the victim on the vagina while they were seated together in the backseat of a car. This witness adds that Kevin tried to grope her as well, once grabbing the front of her shorts and asking her to show him her vagina. And then there were text messages, which appear in the affidavit in redacted form.

In the end, the victim told her legal guardian about the abuse -- and this week, Kevin was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and aggravated incest. As for Theresa, the Denver District Attorney's Office hasn't listed specific charges against her yet, likely because she remains at large. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is encouraged to phone the Denver Police Department at 720-913-2000.

Below, see photos of Kevin and Theresa Carothers, followed by the affidavit.

Kevin and Theresa Carothers Arrest Affidavit

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