Kyle Clark and Denver TV's Best Twitter Follows

Tom Green and Kyle Clark of 9News and Fox31/KWGN's Shaul Turner are among Denver TV's best Twitter follows.
Tom Green and Kyle Clark of 9News and Fox31/KWGN's Shaul Turner are among Denver TV's best Twitter follows. Twitter
These days, news comes at us like a late February snowstorm, piling up so fast that by the end of the day, all we can do is scrape it away and gird ourselves for the next onslaught. That's why it's important to have media gatekeepers — folks who can help put the biggest stories in perspective while offering a unique viewpoint and even a touch of humor now and then.

Denver television's best Twitter users deliver those qualities and more.

Here are our five favorites right now, along with links and samples of their thumb work.

Kyle Clark

The titular star of 9News's Next with Kyle Clark, which remains the most distinctive Denver TV news product on the air right now, Kyle Clark is such a prolific tweeter that when he took a break from social media (and the station) last summer prior to the birth of a child, the decision made headlines. Since then, he's shared plenty of warm family moments, along with often sharp and spicy commentary about events of the day. The Denver Twitter gold standard.

Chris Parente
KWGN/Channel 2

The host of the KWGN morning staple Daybreak, Chris Parente specializes in behind-the-scenes dish, often about co-stars such as traffic expert Ken Clark and forecaster Chris Tomer, as seen in the GIF above. On Twitter, he comes across as the most enjoyable guest at any party, with the rare ability to needle others without the slightest hint of a mean spirit.

Shaul Turner

Long one of the most stylish presences on Denver TV (she's a past winner of our Best Hair on a TV Personality award), Shaul Turner is coming into her own as a Twitter practitioner. She balances alerts about upcoming features with information about personal passions, such as often-neglected tales of Black history in the West.

Vic Lombardi
Altitude TV

Those of us with Comcast have suffered from a severe shortage of Vic Lombardi, owing to Altitude TV's ongoing standoff with the cable giant, which has dragged on for more than a year. But Lombardi's Twitter account offers regular doses of his signature wit and incisive commentary about sports, often in real time.

Tom Green

Although Tom Green has been a news anchor for years, he cut his teeth in sports, and he uses his Twitter feed as an opportunity to share his thoughts about topics such as the recent decision by the Colorado Rockies to pay the St. Louis Cardinals millions to take their best player, Nolan Arenado. But he weighs in on a wide variety of other topics, too, and his distinctively amusing and self-deprecating tone is a regular joy to behold.
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