She'll Vouch for That
Regarding Stuart Steers's "Readin', Writin' and Rabble-Rousin'," in the February 20 issue:

The panic of Boulder parents when confronted by the middle-school philosophy is understandable when one looks at Dean Damon's previous adventures in Denver Public Schools. He engineered the middle-school model in Denver first.

Despite the frantic pleadings of Denver parents, all sixth-graders moved into middle schools in the fall of 1988. Achievement scores plummeted, suspensions skyrocketed; Dean Damon promptly went to Boulder and DPS went straight to hell.

Joanne Marie Roll

I recently had the opportunity to view a videotape of a mini-debate on "school choice" in the Boulder Valley School District. The participants were board president Stephanie Hult and Scott Marion, president of the parent council; the moderator was David Kopel of the Independence Institute, the conservative think tank based in Golden.

Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I heard Ms. Hult end a reply with the remark "and we don't have vouchers yet." So I decided to attend the school-board meeting the next evening. I asked her the simple direct question, "Do you support the use of vouchers for education?" She refused to answer. Her refusal can only leave the BVSD community wondering about the political agenda this woman has brought to the board and what actions she has taken to further this agenda.

Stephanie, the issue is not the context, it's the "yet."
Joan Hollins

Local Heroes
I was disappointed but not surprised at the manner in which Steve Jackson lionized Warren Hern and demonized Ken Scott in his February 13 article, "The Fight of Their Lives."

I have known Ken Scott for two years and have worked continuously and closely with him in pro-life activities in Denver, Boulder and San Diego at the Republican convention. He is certainly loud and absolutely undeterred in his resolve to do all he can within constitutionally permissable parameters to speak out in defense of our most defenseless of the defenseless, the womb babies of America. That won't change.

Toward the end of his article, Mr. Jackson inaccurately described an incident at the Republican convention when Ken and I confronted governors Wilson, Weld and Snow during a CNN press conference. We were shouting at the governors, not other delegates. Furthermore, it was I, not Ken Scott, who shouted at the governors, "You guys are libertines. Get out of our party." Nor did "reporters and police rush backstage and whisk the politicians away." When the press conference ended, we left the convention building together and resumed our protest activities with Operation Rescue outside the building. This is just one of the many inaccuracies in the article.

Arguably, Ken Scott is a genuine contemporary folk hero. He has no "disciples," as Mr. Jackson infers. He does, however, have many admirers and supporters both locally and nationwide, as evidenced by the widespread grassroots reaction to his unjust incarceration for 41 days. Mr. Scott's commitment to nonviolence is as strong as his commitment to speaking up for the womb babies of America and to not being intimidated by Warren Hern and other powers that be.

Oakley Pell McEachren

If Dr. Warren Hern isn't a great American hero, then I don't know who is. Courageous and as dedicated to his cause as any battlefield warrior, Hern, as shown by Steve Jackson's wonderfully written, well-researched piece, is that rare individual to admire--a stark contrast to anti-abortion nut Ken Scott.

I am in awe that Dr. Hern is unselfishly willing to put his life on the line to help women maintain their individual reproductive rights. If a woman's birth control fails, or if she and her partner simply make the very common and human mistake of having unprotected sex, it's good to know there's someone willing to perform the very legal procedure of abortion. It's a far better choice than bringing yet another unwanted human being--one who may end up being abused--onto a very overcrowded, polluted planet.

Yes, abortion is the taking of a life (although I do not call it murder). But a fetus is not a human being any more than a seed is a blade of grass. A fetus is a potential human who does not have the same rights and privileges as a person who is born. We humans (mostly men) make tough decisions regularly about who lives or dies. Abortion is about power. Some religious fanatics like Ken Scott try to deny women power by keeping them slaves to their bodies.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Hern for helping women maintain their power of choice.

Carol Carpenter

Just a short note, to the point, in answer to the letter in the February 20 issue written by Betsy Whitney: A pro-choice born-again Christian is an oxymoron.

Phil Spanier

The Road to Ruin
Trust Westword to take a low road on the Ramsey case. Rather than encourage the law enforcement authorities who are trying to solve this horrible murder, the February 20 issue hit Boulder with two cheap shots: Patricia Calhoun's "Better Shred Than Read" and Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario.

As they used to say, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Jane McFarland

It's a shame that such a young girl had to die. No matter how, why or whoever did it, the facts are that she is still dead. Looking at your Web page, you are making a real production out of it. But then, I guess you must be looking ahead at the whole picture: movie rights and book tours. It's kind of a shame that people like you can't get on the bandwagon for all kids, no matter how rich, white or beautiful. Maybe if you took all the time and money you put into this site and put it elsewhere, we could save a couple of kids.

James Multaler
via the Internet

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