An Icky Situation
Bad enough that, come November, we're going to get stuck in the voting booth for hours trying to figure out the ballot measures. Now you tell me that some of them are there only because Vikki Buckley screwed up (Eric Dexheimer's "The Buckley Stops Here," September 17)? When we screw up on the job, our bosses fire us. I suggest that voters do the same to Vikki "Icky" Buckley in November.

Hal Stone
via the Internet

Registered Libertarians should contribute cash to Vikki Buckley's re-election! They believe the best government is the least government, right? If Jefferson County can learn "to cope without going to the secretary of state's office," why can't we all?

David Hakala
via the Internet

Web Vigilantes
Regarding last week's letters about Chris LaMorte's "The Mom Squad," in the September 17 issue:

It's sad that people who want to see justice for a child who can no longer ask for it on her own are ridiculed because they use the computer to try to continue to follow the case. Of course, if the people of Boulder had demanded the justice all children deserve, the whole world might not have felt they needed to. Boulder residents still have the half-witted Hunter on the case, and he more than likely will continue to screw it up. If indeed Boulder had demanded justice, then the people you so judgmentally criticize would not have to.

Mary J. Kellar
via the Internet

Editor's note: See page 14 for "He Aims to Plea," Juliet Wittman's wrap-up of Alex Hunter's work as Boulder's district attorney.

An Affair to Remember
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Speaking From Experience," in the September 17 issue:

Roy Romer and Bill Clinton can define "affair" any way they want. By any definition of the word "liar," they both qualify.

Heather Snider

President Clinton is not the first public official to have sexual encounters outside of his marriage vows. Whoever commits them, these sins are between him and his family. Everyone's sexual life is personal.

President Clinton committed perjury when he lied under oath. If he wanted to protect his family or career, President Clinton should have said that the questions were personal and refused to answer them. It is unfortunate that President Clinton chose to lie under oath: A perjurer has no credibility, and there goes our international credibility, too.

Patricia K. Clutsom

Below you will find a copy of a communication that I forwarded to Governor Romer:

I have given qualified forgiveness to President Clinton, in response to his most recent statements. However, I am deeply troubled and suspicious of folks like yourself, James Carville and Mrs. Lewis of the White House staff who want us to believe that Mr. Clinton's character flaws, both sexual and as related to matters of telling the truth, are all related to his behavior in the past seven or eight months. Hammering away at us with this short-term capsule of his activity assumes the public is downright stupid.

Please don't expect any of us to give him unqualified forgiveness. Consider this: While Clinton was warding off a civil lawsuit brought on by Paula Jones, he was carrying on in a heated fashion with Monica Lewinsky. Common sense and a reasonable degree of intelligence should have caused this man to maintain a straight and narrow profile for a while. But we know he was as aggressive as ever. During 1996 and 1997, Bill Clinton was being sued for alleged activity while governor of Arkansas, but that did not deter him from misbehaving in his White House study as President of the United States. Not just immoral behavior, but incredibly poor judgment.

Outright stupidity is another term that seems to apply.
So my forgiveness is qualified. It depends on his behavior from this point forward. Do I trust this man? Absolutely not! He has lied to you, to me, to his wife, his daughter, his cabinet, to the total population of the United States, and he has been fabricating untruths about such matters throughout his public life. He betrayed my trust. He betrayed it many times.

I am opposed to his impeachment. But I am also every bit as much opposed to people like yourself who insult my intelligence and that of the people of the United States by trying to convince me that this kind of moral decay is acceptable.

Governor Romer, you owe a lot of us an apology for your posture in this matter.

John Tyler Gibson
Brighton, MI

I have just completed reading the report from the Office of Independent Counsel as published on the Internet. Mr. Starr offends me with the use of graphic and unnecessary sexual language. It is disturbing that President Clinton misled the members of Congress and all Americans concerning his involvement with Miss Lewinsky; however, I have not rushed to judgment because of Mr. Starr's report.

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