Win SOme, Lose Some
Talk about sore losers! Patricia Calhoun needs to get over herself: The Broncos got their new stadium fair and square ("Let Us Pray," November 5). Just because Calhoun is out of step with the majority of Denver-area voters (what a surprise!), she wants to play the spoiler.

Who put her in such a bad mood? I think she wishes Westword was a legitimate media outlet, like the dailies and TV stations that she makes fun of. I'll bet she would have jumped at the chance to interview John and Janet Elway.

The Broncos won. Deal with it.
Harry Garcia

Workers! Off your knees!
The wealthy capitalist upper class has two goals: to make money and to keep the people under control. The more they control the people, the more money they make. Therefore, they want to control you, your family, your community, schools and churches. They want to control what you read, what you see and hear, who you associate with and how you vote. They want to keep you passive, distracted, marginalized, obedient and sitting quietly in front of the TV while product advertisements are drilled into your mind.

The capitalist elite does not want you to know that they already control the U.S. presidency, the Republican and Democratic parties, the mass media, the military, the courts, the stock market, most private property, all the major corporations and 70 percent of the national wealth. They want you to be educated into the doctrines that will serve the interests of private power, to believe that your life will be a miserable failure if you do not kiss up to power, that you will have no home, no family, no career, no football team.

The rich upper class needs to keep people fragmented and divided. They want whites fighting with blacks, men fighting with women, employed fighting with unemployed. Keep the pot stirred. Keep the tension level up. Keep the people off balance. Divide, conquer, control!

From the standpoint of the capitalist elite, you're just a slave put here to work for them, to be used by them. You do everything and they have everything. Without you, the rich are just another ordinary group of poor people. But with your servitude, they become the industrialists, the patrons of the arts, rulers of the country.

Had enough?
John Cassella

This morning I heard an excerpt from Pat Bowlen's thank-you speech, which confirmed--for me, anyway--that Bronco fans are brain-dead and do not mind being used, insulted and put down. We've done everything but bend over and grease ourselves for him, and "it has just increased the liveability of Denver." I suppose I should be happy that at least one person in the news isn't singing Denver's praises to the sky.

Something no one has addressed is, when the stadium overruns projected costs, who is going to pay? (As if I didn't know.) So thanks again, Broncos fans--so glad you have extra money that you don't mind or miss the extra penny per $10 for taxes.

P.S.: Regarding Jesus of the Week. Of course God--if there is one--has a sense of humor. Do you know of any other shepherd who would leave his flock unguarded?

Ronda Lietz
via the Internet

Vailed Threats
Eric Dexheimer's November 5 story, "Pour VAIL," illustrated once again how the legal system lets multi-million-dollar corporations run amok putting exclusive rights to words out of the dictionary to the point where they can use them for monetary gain by screwing anyone who may use them even without malicious intent. The Vail legal team probably has a long list of who's next.

Let's see--where might they go looking for their next victims? Where might they go looking for businesses that use any of the words they think they own?

Perhaps: Beaver and Beaver Creek, Alaska; Vail, Arizona; Beaver, Arkansas; Vail, Iowa; Beaver Creek, Kansas; Beaver Dam, Kentucky; Beaver City, Beaver Creek and Beaver Crossing, Nebraska; Beaver Creek Fork, Nevada; Beaver Brook, New Hampshire; Beaver Brook, New Jersey; Beaver River, New York; two Beaver Creeks and a Beaver Lake in North Dakota; Beaverdam, Ohio; Beaver County, Beaver, Beaver Creek and Beaver River, Oklahoma; Beaver, BeaverCreek and Beaverton, Oregon; Beaver County, Beaver, Beaverdale, Beaver Falls, Beaver Meadows and the Beaver River, Pennsylvania; Beaverton, Beaver Island and Beaver Lake, Michigan; Beaver Bay and Beaver Creek, Minnesota; Beaver Creek, South Dakota; Beaver County, Beaver, Beaver Mountains, Beaver River and Beaver Dam Wash, Utah; Beaver, West Virginia; Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; and two Beaver Creeks in Wyoming.

After they finish their hunt for any and all Beaver and Vail permutations in those areas of the U.S., they can then work on the Avons, Keystones and Breckenridges--maybe even try to extend their legal reaches to the 25 countries in which they sought registration of the words they believe they own. Canada has a lot of Beavers, too. Though we're not talking about the fairer sex, there could even be various clubs that may use the nomenclature.

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